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Commentary :: Miscellaneous
Thoughts on the continuum of violence on 11 September 2001 Current rating: 0
12 May 2003
Modified: 09:46:46 PM
What really happened on 11 September 2001 and what is its historical and future significance?
Thoughts on the continuum of violence on 11 September 2001 Current rating: 0 by Irucka Ajani Embry Email: iembry (nospam) utk.edu (verified) 12 May 2003 Modified: 09:46:46 PM

What really happened on 11 September 2001 and what is its historical and future significance?

Has the continuum of violence on 11 September 2001 affected my Life? Yes, each and every moment of each and every day affects my Life and brings about changes as well, whether I know it or not. So that day was no different indeed. Since that day I have heard comments by various people on the University of Tennessee at Knoxville campus about blowing up Afghanistan, all of Africa, and/or the Middle East and killing all Arabs and Muslims. (The area that we know as the “Middle East” was carved out of Europe, Africa, and Asia by the British Empire and other parts of the “international power structure.”) I have felt the scorn of others when I speak out about the possible (and/or actual) United States of AmeriKKKa Empire complicity, planning, foreknowledge, and/or responsibility in the attacks. And I have also felt the scorn as people look at me as I look like I could be Arab, Muslim, or North African.

I want to send out my condolences to ALL the people that died on that day:

including those that perished in some sort of accident;

in a nursing home;

on the streets;

of starvation or thirst;

of “dis–ease” brought about by the actions of humans — such as AIDS/HIV virus, cancer, or poisoning due to toxins such as dust from concrete, chlorine, fluorine, aspartame (NutraSweet), lead, asbestos, pesticides, pharmaceutical drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, arsenic, and so on;

in an industrial setting while working or not;

while in the process of gathering/picking food for yourself or others to eat, whether in this nation or elsewhere — such as the people that work in the pesticide–laden fields with or without their children or the people that mistake a cluster bomb for a food package;

while in the process of making clothing in “sweatshop” conditions for yourself or others to wear, whether in this country or elsewhere;

due to capital punishment (government or institution sanctioned murder);

by a bomb (cluster or other type), landmine, gun, knife, or any other weapon;

as a direct or indirect result of sanctions or embargoes;

as a direct or indirect result of obtaining lumber (trees), coal, uranium, diamonds, oil, gas, water, fish, or some other “resource” for consumption or power production or as a result of being affected by living too close to a nuclear, coal, or hydro–powered (dam) plant; those that had an “accident” or committed “suicide,” but in reality were murdered for their obstruction to the imperialism of the “international power structure”; and especially to the various Life Forms (including, but not limited to Nations of People —Sovereign Nations) that became extinct on 11 September 2001.

As well, I want to send out my condolences to the people living in the “state” that we know as Afghanistan that was bombed on that day and to the people from all over the world that died in the continuum of violence on that day in the World Trade Center towers (1, 2, 7, or other) or elsewhere in New York City, in the territory of Washington, District of Columbia, on the plane shot down by the military in Pennsylvania, and on the other planes too.

That day made me think and question even more so the propaganda/psychological warfare and other warfare techniques that would be initiated by our government sanctioned entertainment complex (the media), which is a part of the U.S./international power structure “corporament” (corporate = government).

At https://web.archive.org/web/20011217201144/http://www.blythe.org/main.html, it states that “Our Grief Is Not a Cry for War: New York City Demands a Peaceful Response to Attacks.” So why didn't the U.S. “corporament” demand a peaceful response to the attacks? Is it because there around the time of 11 September 2001 various “leaders” (they are our “public servants” in reality) from this nation were charged with/indicted on “crimes against humanity,” “war crimes,” and/or “genocide” in an international court of law? Instead of continuing and accelerating the cycle of violence, this country and its allies should have thought about working to end the cycle of violence. War is not the answer; war only brings about more bloodshed and violence for all of us.

Were people, machines, weapons, and/or vehicles within the military apparatus of the United Kingdom, Israel, Pakistan, and/or the United States of America in Afghanistan or nearby on 11 September 2001? If so, why? Was Afghanistan bombed on that day? If so, why? Were Israeli citizens arrested and/or detained in relation to the continuum of 11 September 2001? If so, why? Are they still detained or were they sent back to Israel? On that morning, why was “John Fulton (Intelligence Networking & Analysis) and his team at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) running a pre–planned simulation to explore the emergency response issues that would be created if a plane were to strike a building”? (From https://web.archive.org/web/20031003163521/http://www.nlsi.net/hs-alc-info.htm,.) Isn't that just a little too coincidental?

The question still remains, who was really involved in the continuum of 11 September 2001? Was it al–Qaida? If so, then who is the head of it? Is it the CIA, Osama bin Laden, or Pakistan's ISI?

Does/did Israel's Mossad have anything to do with the continuum of 11 September 2001 or 26 February 1993? If so, what? Why? Basically, was Mossad behind the continuum of 11 September 2001, 26 February 1993, and/or other continuums of violence that have been blamed on “terrorists”? If so, did the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), CIA, or any other “intelligence,” “law enforcement,” or “security” agency know about this involvement? If so, what did they do concerning this knowledge? Who was contacted and when? What information was shared? If these agencies did not work to thwart the work of Mossad, then are those various agencies working together in some capacity for each of their own purposes? (The various agencies are Mossad, ISI, CIA, FBI, and so on.)

What are the various “intelligence,” “law enforcement,” and “security” agencies of this area of the world that we call the United States of AmeriKKKa? What do they do? What are the various “intelligence,” “law enforcement,” and “security” agencies throughout the world? OK, with ALL of the various “intelligence,” “law enforcement,” and “security” agencies throughout the planet, why were the attacks of 11 September 2001 not known beforehand and not thwarted by the United States of America or her “allies”? Is it because of the complicity of various agencies, such as the ISI, Mossad, the National Security Agency (U.S.A. and globally through the ECHELON network), the CIA, the Defense Intelligence Agency (U.S.A.), the FBI, Interpol (global), and other agencies? Or was it simply their inability to actually perform “intelligence” and “security” work? Or a mixture of the two and other unknown covert and/or overt factors?

Who profits and/or benefits from the continuum of 11 September 2001 and other continuums of violence as well? What was the purpose of the continuum of 11 September 2001? Was it a war with the people of the world to map out routes/plans for oil, gas, water, and fishing resources domination and control by various elites in the world? Was it to get rid of various cases and evidence involving/concerning various people in important positions in the U.S. “corporament” or other aspects of the “international power structure”? Was it the murder of John P. O'Neill and using the other events to cover that up?

Was it to secure more money for the various agencies and the Pentagon? Thus, enabling the “war on waste” in the Pentagon to be ceased, though the Pentagon couldn't account for a significant portion of its budget? Was it a means along with the threat of smallpox, anthrax, and other biological agents of warfare to secure profits for people with vested interests in pharmaceutical companies or other companies that produce drugs, antibiotics, and/or vaccines? Was it a means to allow various nations to stamp out people who would dare show dissent in their country, increase the oppressive policies and actions against people that are already marginalized in those nations, and thus using the “War on Terrorism” so as to have the legal means and justification to continue such actions unhindered? Was it a way to control and disrupt the anti–corporate globalization movement? Were various defense industries or governments in need of weapons sales? Did it have anything to do with the internal politics of the U.S., such as the election fraud of 2000, which itself is also a continuum?

Who helped put President Saddam Hussein of Iraq in power? What about the Taliban in Afghanistan? Who helped organize the “Northern Alliance” and put them in power in Afghanistan? Is anyone in the new “government” of Afghanistan currently or formerly involved with UNOCAL or other energy industries? If so, why? Is the “Northern Alliance” any better than the Taliban? If not, why not?

Are there any informants in al–Qaida? If so, how many? Were they contacted before 11 September 2001? If so, then why wasn't the U.S. government prepared for what occurred on that day? Or was the U.S. government prepared for what happened on that day in advance and they just let it happen on purpose? Did the CIA meet with Osama bin Ladin in an American hospital in Dubai, Federation of the United Arab Emirates last summer? Did al–Qaeda assist in the financing, training, or other supportive means for the Kosovo/a Liberation Army (KLA)? [In Albanian, the KLA is Ushtria Clirimtare E Kosoves (UCK) — from https://web.archive.org/web/20030207145145/http://www.fas.org/irp/world/para/kla.htm.] Did the CIA assist in the financing, training, or other supportive means for the KLA? If the answer to the two preceding questions is yes, then was Osama bin Laden or others from al–Qaida working alongside the CIA? Was Osama bin Laden on the payroll of the CIA? Is he still currently on that payroll? If so, why?

Why were “42,000 gallons of diesel fuel stored near ground level in 7 World Trade Center and ran in pipes up to smaller tanks and emergency generators for (former) Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani's command center, the Secret Service's office and other tenants”? (From http://www.nytimes.com/2002/03/02/nyregion/02TOWE.html.) Were bombs planted in the World Trade Center towers (1, 2, 7, or other) in New York City before or on 11 September 2001? If so, why? By whom? Were the media there on the scene before the first plane hit the towers? If so, why and how? Was the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in New York City on 10 September 2001? If so, why? What is NORAD? Where was NORAD on that day? Why did they not perform their duties? Or did they? Was NORAD grounded that day? If so, why?

Why was evidence destroyed (recycled or thrown away) before it could be fully examined, since this was a criminal act and a criminal “investigation” is still going on? Also, those components that were immediately recycled and/or thrown away could be useful in determining how exactly and why the towers collapsed. Such as was it simply fire melting the steel or was it that and controlled implosions (demolition), and/or a mixture of other factors as well? Was any steel contaminated with asbestos and other chemicals recycled and sent away to other nations, such as India? If so, why? Also, was the fact that the steel was contaminated with asbestos known to the purchasers of the steel? If not, why not?

In terms of the “investigation” of the collapse of the World Trade Center towers, was the collapse of 7 World Trade Center investigated, were witnesses interviewed that had heard explosions as they walked down the staircases or that spoke about being evacuated over the weeks leading up to 11 September 2001? As well, were firefighters on duty that day interviewed since they have walked into steel building high–rise fires and knew what to expect, but were not expecting the buildings to collapse as they did? As well, were any firefighters or others interviewed in these “investigations” that think that the “investigation” is a farce? If not, why not?

Was the Pentagon hit by a truck with a bomb, a missile, some other weapon, or a plane? If a plane did not crash in the Pentagon, where is that plane? Was it diverted to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba? If so, why? Were/was there any debris from the plane at the Pentagon, body parts, or diesel fuel from the plane? Were the various “hijacked” airplanes controlled by remote control? If so, why? What agencies, institutions, and governments have that knowledge and technical ability worldwide? Were there any “hijackers” on any of the planes? Some of the so–called “hijackers” are still alive while others were dead before 11 September 2001. Where are the pictures of the “alleged” 19/20 hijackers entering the airport, buying their tickets or picking up their tickets, boarding the planes, and so on?

If the continuum of 11 September 2001 was “an act of war,” then the deaths on that day were just “collateral damage”? Right? Well, that is the way that this nation operates in war. Is that right? Is the life of someone born in this country and recognized as a citizen more important than the life of someone born in another area of the world? If so, why? Is the life of a citizen of this nation more important than the life of someone born in this country, yet not a citizen? If so, why? Is the life of a “law enforcement,” “security,” and/or “intelligence” agent or officer more important than the lives of others in this nation? If so, why? Are they not our public servants?

Was Pearl Harbor a surprise attack? If not, then what was it? What is the “McCollum memo”? There is a lawsuit that uses as its basis the LIHOP (Let it Happen on Purpose) theory — this class–action lawsuit includes plaintiffs directly affected by the continuum of 11 September 2001. Has this lawsuit been reported on by the mainstream media? If not, why not? Is Hawai'i a state? If not, then what is Hawai'i — an independent and sovereign nation–state? What was/is Operation NORTHWOODS? What was its purpose — to bring about a sense of terror in this country so that this country could have justification to have a war with Cuba? Therefore, have the people in this country and around the world been lied to before? If so, then can we possibly assume that some or all of the “information” that came out of the U.S. government and their entertainment complex (media) was/is false as it relates to the “War on Terrorism” and the continuum of 11 September 2001? Is this war all about oil, gas, fish, and water? If so, why? Is it about selling weapons or about providing/selling pharmaceutical drugs or vaccines? Who profits/benefits from such business transactions? Were “put” stock options made on the two airliners used in the continuum of 11 September 2001? If so, why? To whom does that money trail lead — to someone currently or formerly in the CIA? If so, why?

Who was/is responsible, complicit, planned, and/or had foreknowledge of the anthrax mailings? Was the same group of people representing nation(s) or institution(s) responsible or complicit in the continuum of 11 September 2001? Where was the worst anthrax outbreak case? In the former Soviet Union or in Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia/Southern Rhodesia)? Was the anthrax outbreak in Zimbabwe a case of genocide or attempted genocide? If so, why? What nations, institutions, or individuals were involved? Speaking of biological warfare, was the AIDS/HIV virus made in a laboratory? If so, why and how? Is its purpose genocide? Is fluoride toxic? If so, why is it in the drinking water systems? Are genetically modified organisms/genetically engineered “foods” safe? If not, then why are they not labeled? We are taught to be afraid of somebody far away who may and may not possess weapons of mass/limited destruction, while at the same time our “corporament” has those such weapons in many forms and has done experiments on the people in this country and worldwide, whether the people were consenting or not over the years.

According to the U.S. Department of State (https://web.archive.org/web/20011201021538/http://usinfo.state.gov/topical/pol/terror/terrormap.htm), there was an international toll on 11 September 2001. &ldquoInternational” meaning that there were people that suffered casualties from all over the world, not just from the United States. The list of countries on the website begins with Antigua & Barbuda, Argentina, Australia, Austria, and extends to Uzbekistan, Venezuela, Yemen, and Zimbabwe. According to the website, the information was compiled from the media and other sources. Thus, why do we allow ourselves or others to say that only “Americans” (meaning a limited view of “American” — only people from the United States and not all of the Western Hemisphere) died in the continuum of 11 September 2001?

I wish that people, including myself, would be more open and caring for all people — not just those that they believe are patriotic and undissenting “Americans” — but that truly hasn't been the case. Dissent has been viewed more so now than before as “un–American” and “unpatriotic.” But, what exactly is an “American”? A White Christian person? Someone born in the United States of America and declared a citizen? Someone born anywhere in the Americas (North and South America)? What is patriotism? Should it be blind to the Truth?

As a statement on bathroom stalls says, “Give peace a chance.” That is very true, that is what we must do if we are to uproot violence from its roots, not contribute more to the continuum of violence. The U.S. reaction was typical, “shoot and kill first and ask questions later and/or present evidence later”. That is if “evidence” is presented at all. The U.S. is engaging in state–sponsored murder, as has been the case for many years now, thus the various candidates in our “leadership” for “crimes against humanity,” “war crimes,” and/or “genocide.” The state–sponsored murder includes the death penalty too, which we can see does not deter violent crimes or basically any crime for that matter. Will the “War on Terrorism” stop violence? No, it only adds “more fuel to the fire” so to say and it brings much wealth and profit to those interested in oil and gas, fishing, weapons, pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines, and various other industries. Well, not necessarily the industry, but elites within those industries which have ties to the various elite political figures.

Since the events of 11 September 2001 had effects worldwide, then why is it that not everyone in the world agrees with the current “War on Terrorism?” In a sense, a continuation of the other wars that the U.S. has been involved in — against people of color, socialists/communists, agrarian/land reformers, impoverished/poor people, and/or others that would stifle the profits of U.S. corporations or resist U.S. rule. As well, these wars are a means of controlling and dominating people, resources, and lands and getting rid of competitors.

Is the reason that all people don't agree with this current “War on Terrorism” because people are not satisfied with the evidence, or lack of evidence, presented by the current administration and our counterparts in the United Kingdom? No more war, war will not solve the problems, only make things worse. We need the Truth and the whole Truth, not a piece of the Truth. To truly honor those that died on 11 September 2001 and from the “War on Terrorism,” the whole Truth must be known and restorative justice must be the way to go, not retributive justice (vengeance). Is not silence when knowing the Truth betrayal? Ask questions of yourself and of the “official story line.” Think and imagine a better world that works for all of us, not just some of us. Peace, the complete Truth, and restorative justice are the answers, not war. “With great freedom comes great responsibility.”

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