Peace Quotes 1

“We have the power to change the world. It is not an issue of whether or not can we make a difference. The truth is that we do make a difference. Everything we do, say and think shapes our reality. It is time that we join our bodies, minds, hearts, spirits and voices and call for peace on the Earth and peace with the Earth.”

–Julia Butterfly

“I know they make war because they want peace; they hate so that they may live; and they destroy the present to make the world safe for the future. When have they not done and said they did it for that?”

–Elizabeth Smart

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Peace Quotes 2

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“Ultimately if you fill yourself with venom, you will be poisoned.”

–Lucille Clifton

“Muslims tell the story of a mullah (a magic figure in Sufism) who finds a cheese sandwich in his lunch pail one day. The next day and the day after that he also finds a cheese sandwich in his lunch pail. After ten days he says, ‘I am sick and tired of these cheese sandwiches.’ When his co–workers ask him, ‘Why don't you ask your wife to make you another kind of sandwich,’ he answers ‘But I am not married. I make my own sandwiches.’
So awareness is needed to break out of old patterns.”

–from “A Muslim View of September 11
By Grace Lee Boggs
The Michigan Citizen, October 21–27, 2001

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