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Life’s passionate and rough journey!!! - Irucka Embry
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What a great world we live in, the state of control by corporations…
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True change begins from within…

How did the world, especially what is considered to be this country (United States of America), become bicultural? This area of the world was never simply bicultural, it was and has always been multicultural and continues to be so too. The same can be said for the rest of the world as well.

Just some thoughts to think about as we refigure and rewrite our
history so that we can have an accurate representation and knowledge
of how we have gotten to the present moment through our past.  The
past determines the present, which determines the future.  Without
knowing our true past, we don’t know how we have gotten to the
present.  And thus our future is also distorted as well.  What is culture?
What is a cultural myth?  Can cultures be inclusive or exclusive or
both or neither?  Can cultures overlap?  Can a person belong to several cultures?
Why was "race" invented?  What changes need to happen in this world so that we can
all live within our means and enjoy life?  What is "race"?  How is our reality
or lack of reality, imagination or lack of imagination (thus the realness of possibility
shaped by our culture?  Or is it?  Why is that so?  How do we live simply?  Why should we?
What is the purpose of a culture?  What is the purpose of human group organization?

Resources concerning the indigenous peoples of the world, mainly those of the Americas

"To understand the making of Anglo-America is impossible without close and sustained attention to its indigenous predecessors, allies, and nemeses." -James Axtell

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