Sustainable Transportation
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Carfree Cities

Idle-Free Zone

TRAX works to promote cycling, walking, carpooling and transit through trip reduction programs, public education and outreach.

Engineers Role in Support of Sustainable Development

Links to parts of the report: Sustainable Development – What Does it Mean to Our Profession? What Will it Mean to You?

Sustainable development -- the engineering profession challenge

the Committee on Sustainability of the Association of Engineers and Geoscientists of BC (APEGBC)

What is Sustainability In More Detail

What is driving our interest in sustainability?

How is economic development currently unsustainable?

Opportunities that the Pursuit of Sustainability Offers Engineers and Geoscientists

Sustainability in practice

The World Congress of Architects adopted the "Decaration of Interdependence for a Sustainable Future" in June, 1993.

“The Engineers Forum on Sustainability”

Education and Sustainable Development

Welcome to the Online Ethics Center for Engineering and Science

Presentation: Opportunities for Sustainable Transportation by Richard Drdul

Sustainable Transportation

Transportation Case Studies: Technical Engineering Solutions

Transportation Case Studies: Policy and Planning Solutions

Transportation Case Studies: Social Engineering Solutions

Asphalt Nation: How the Automobile Took over America, and How We Can Take It Back

Asphalt Nation - Book Review By Ken Coughlin

Transportation Alternatives

Journal of Professional Issues in Engineering Education and Practice

The Sustainable Alternatives Network

the United Nations Division for Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development: Virtual Library

The Role of the Civil Engineer in Sustainable Development

The Role of Engineers in Sustainable Development

Engineering For A Better World: Engineering and Technology for International Development

Engineers Without Borders - International

Engineers Without Borders - USA

Engineers Against Poverty (EAP)

Harnessing Ingenuity for Sustainable Outcomes

The Hannover Principles: Design for Sustainability


Sustainable Development meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It is the study of the interconnectedness of all beings and processes and the extension of the golden rule through time.

Engineering Implications in the Earth Charter

The Engineering Profession’s Application Of The Earth Charter

Engineers and Sustainable Development

The World Federation of Engineering Organisations Standing Committee on Technology (WFEO COMTECH)

The EcoGateway

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Green Building Bibliography

EcoInfo: Transportation

Steering business toward sustainability

Fritjof Capra and Gunter Pauli (Eds.)

The First Cyclotrons

Sustainable living through one man's architecture

Inventing our future