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Resources to give a historical outlook and a present/future comprehensive view of the continuum of 11 September 2001

(If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, additions, or anything else, then please feel free to contact Irucka Ajani Embry.

Disclaimer: The following disclaimer was found at Killing Hope: US Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II (The American Holocaust) [Recovered with the Internet Archive: Wayback Machine] and I see that it is appropriate to display that same disclaimer here. {It appears that that disclaimer is no longer present on the website.}

“Warning #1: Under the new police state — uh, I mean the new anti-terrorism laws — accessing this site automatically opens a file for you at FBI headquarters. This warning, of course, comes too late. Sorry about that.

Warning #2: The content of this website may not be appropriate for children or adults unduly burdened by the emotion called patriotism.”

Some of the sites will give you a file at FBI headquarters. And in reality, all of our interactions on the Internet and with electronic devices in general are known too. Just be careful. If you wish, share these resources with others as well.

All People Are Welcome Here

The International Toll of September 11, 2001

War Without End? . . Not In Our Name

Petition to the Senate to Investigate Oddities Involving 9/11 Terrorist Attacks

Sign The Stop War Now! Petition – English

Assine, Agora, A Petição Cessar Guerra – Portuguese

Bitte unterschreiben Sie: StopptDen Krieg Sofort! –


The Earth Charter Intiative

Earth Charter Summits

Earth Charter Australia

Earth Charter USA Campaign

Internet Resources:

Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act (USA PATRIOT Act):

“Defend the Constitution”

The Constitution of the United States

The Preamble to The Bill of Rights

The Bill of Rights

The Constitution: Amendments 11-27

The Emancipation Proclamation

Inquiry into the Security Legislation Amendment (Terrorism) Bill 2002 [No. 2] and Related Bills (Australia)

Home Office (UK)

Legislation Related To The Attack Of September 11, 2001

Anti-Terrorism Legislation, Homeland Security, and Related Issues

security resource net’s counter terrorism

Congressional Research Service [CRS] Intelligence and Related Issues

9-11 News and Legal Resources, Information and Related Services

Campaign for UN Reform: Priority Issues and Related Legislation

National Lawyers Guild

American Civil Liberties Union

Center for Democracy and Technology

Electronic Frontier Foundation

The ANSER Institute for Homeland Security

Immigration and Naturalization Service

“Know Your Rights”

Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism (USA PATRIOT) Act of 2001

“Terrorist Elimination Act of 2001” (January 3, 2001)

“Federal-Local Information Sharing Partnership Act of 2001” (November 1, 2001)

New Attorney General FOIA Memorandum Issued

Government Adopts New Standard for Openness

Police State [about the “Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act” (USA PATRIOT Act)]

Behind the USA Patriot Act,2100,47230,00.html

Eavesdrop Now, Reassess Later?,2100,47312,00.html

Patriot Bill Moves Along

EFF Analysis Of The Provisions Of The USA PATRIOT Act That Relate To Online Activities (Oct 31, 2001)

Chilling Effects of Anti-Terrorism: "National Security" Toll on Freedom of Expression

Are You a Patriot?

By Any Means Necessary

ACLU Condemns Anti-Terrorist Bill

Presidential Powers To Use the U.S. Armed Forces To Control Potential Civilian Disturbances

Colleges giving Probers Data on Foreign Students’ Finances

Tracking International Students In Higher Education: Policy Options And Implications For Students

Congressional Testimony and Speechesby Commissioner James W. Ziglar (Immigration and Naturalization Service)

How The Anti-Terrorism Bill Permits Indefinite Detention Of Immigrants Who Are Not Terrorists

How The Anti-Terrorism Bill Allows For Detention And Deportation Of People Engaging In Innocent Associational Activity

Immigration Rules Tightened

Fact Sheet on Increasing Immigration Safeguards and Improving Vital Information Sharing

How The Anti-Terrorism Bill Puts Student Privacy At Risk

How The Anti-Terrorism Bill Puts Financial Privacy At Risk

How The Anti-Terrorism Bill Puts The CIA Back In The Business Of Spying On Americans

How The Anti-Terrorism Bill Expands Law Enforcement "Sneak And Peek" Warrants

How The Anti-Terrorism Bill Would Convert Dissent Into Broadly Defined "Terrorism"

Comprehensive Anti-Terrorism Act Of 2001, Illinois Attorney General Jim Ryan

Waging war on cyberterrorism

President Signs Anti-Terrorism Bill

Attorney General John Ashcroft Prepared Remarks for the US Mayors Conference

Department of Justice and Department of Defense Joint Technology

Program: Second Anniversary Report

Regional Information Sharing Systems (RISS) Program

State and Local Anti-Terrorism Training (SLATT) Program

Bureau of Justice Assistance

Regional Information Sharing Systems (RISS) Program

Homeland Defense is DoD Job No. 1, White Says

An Initial Action Plan for the Office of Homeland Security

Fact Sheet: Organization and Operation of the Homeland Security Council

Homeland Security Presidential Directive-2

“Homeland Security”: Round-ups, Wiretaps, Secret Hearings and Censorship

Secret Hearings Hide 911 Terrorist Links To Congress/White House

Supreme Court Closes Terror Hearings’

Big Brother and the Ministry of Homeland Security

Government Targets Mumia for Death: Outrageous New Court Ruling

Report on Federal Anti-Activist Spy Network,2933,34300,00.html

Don’t Sacrifice Freedom

Freedom Is the Best Insurance Against Terrorism

Hackers warned they may face life in prison under proposed terrorism law

Life, Liberty and the Obligation to Defend Both (has emphasis on interesting points in yellow - best to view)

Life, Liberty and the Obligation to Defend Both (html online version for those without Adobe Acrobat)

Echelon, Carnivore:

Carnivore Eats FBI

Carnivore FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions),1199,NAV47_STO51829,00.html

Privacy group critical of first release of Carnivore data,4586,2707428,00.html

Privacy activists plan assault on Echelon, Carnivore

FBI’s Carnivore has partners: Declassified documents reveal e-mail snoop program details,4586,5099906,00.html

FBI’s magic revealed as old tricks: A new tool reportedly being developed by law enforcement agencies to remotely install surveillance programs on a suspect’s computer is little more than 3-year-old hacking technology, security experts said Wednesday.

FBI wants Carnivore powers for phone taps

FBI takes the teeth out of Carnivore’s name

MILNET: FBI’s Carnivore Surveillance System

FBI Develops Eavesdropping Tools

Electronic Privacy Information Center Carnivore FOIA Documents

Exposing the Global Surveillance System: In The Late 1980s, In A Decision It Probably Regrets, The US Prompted New Zealand To Join A New And Highly Secret Global Intelligence System. Hager’s Investigation Into It And His Discovery Of The Echelon Dictionary Has Revealed One Of The World’s Biggest, Most Closely Held Intelligence Projects. The System Allows Spy Agencies To Monitor Most Of The World’s Telephone, E-Mail, And Telex Communications.

Crypto AG: The NSA’s Trojan Whore?: For At Least Half A Century, The Us Has Been
Intercepting And Decrypting The Top Secret Documents Of Most Of The World’s Governments

Networking with Spooks: The Internet Is Changing From A Public Resource To A Lucrative Operation Influenced By Spooks And Former Pentagon Officials. Open Access And Information Are Increasingly Controlled.

Big Brother Goes High-Tech
The Secret FISA Court: Rubber Stamping On Rights

Echelon: Online Surveillence

Echelon Watch

Echelon Gave Authorities Warning Of Attacks,1283,15295,00.html

Eavesdropping on Europe

ECHELON: America’s Secret Global Surveillance Network

US ’Echelon’ Spy Network Monitoring Email-Fax-Cell Phones Worldwide

Echelon, National Security Agency, NSA, UKUSA Alliance

Cipherwar: Jam Echelon Day

Laslo’s ECHELON Links


The Bugging Of The APEC In Seattle (1)

The Bugging Of The APEC In Seattle (2)

The Bugging Of The APEC In Seattle (3)

Alternatives to War:

The War At Home: The Antiwar Movement

Study Module for Online Course, Fall 1999

Alternatives to War Against Iraq

Some Lessons Of The Struggle Against The Gulf War

If Not War, Then What?: Alternatives to the "War Against Terror"

The Eichmann Scenario: An Alternative to War

Alternatives To War: Boulder action page

Building A Better World

Alternatives to War Will Work Best in Long Run

Alternatives to destructive military force as a response to the 9-11 tragedy

Alternatives to War

Alternatives To War: A Collective Statement of Purpose

Ten Alternative Responses to Terrorism


Vietnam Veterans Against the War, Inc. (VVAW)

Vietnam Veterans Against the War Anti-Imperialist

Veterans For Peace: Veterans Working Together for Peace & Justice Through Non-violence.Wage Peace!

Veterans For Peace Links

Veterans for Peace, Monterey: John Steinbeck IV, Chapter 46

Related Online Resources

The AFSC National Youth and Militarism Program

Veterans Teaching Peace in Schools (VTPS)

Veterans Teaching Peace in Schools: VTPS seeks to promote peace by bringing U.S. military veterans into academic environments to share their experiences and discuss alternatives to war.

Veterans in the Classroom: Award-winning programs for high schools, middle schools and teenage youth groups

Veterans Speakers Alliance

Veterans for Common Sense is an ad-hoc organization of Gulf War veterans working to ensure the debate over war considers all necessary issues.

The American Gulf War Veterans Association (AGWVA)

Gulf War Veteran Resource Pages

Vietnam Veterans of Florida State Coalition


National Coalition for Homeless Veterans (NCHV)

Homeless Veterans

Homeless Veterans Information Resource Guide

Homeless Veterans in Florida

A Call From Veterans: End the U.S./UN Sanctions Stop the U.S. War Against the People of Iraq!

Veterans for Peace: Iraq Water Project

Pain and Outrage over U.S. sanctions against and bombings of Iraqi people.

Veterans Teaching Peace in Schools (VTPS) Talking Points

Vietnam Veterans Against the War Anti-Imperialist: On the Sept. 11 Attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon

Vietnam Veterans Against the War, Inc. (VVAW) “War Against Terrorism” Commentary

Operation Enduring Freedom means Ensuring the Reign of U.S. Imperialism

This “Getting it Write” is excerpted from a radio interview Gulf War vet Andrew McGuffin. It was conducted by Anti-war (micro) Radio Berkeley during Operation Desert Fox.

A Message to Troops, Would-be Troops, and other Youth: Know anyone in the military, or thinking about signing up soon? Pass this along to them. They may appreciate it, or not… but they deserve a heads up.

An Apology of Sorts

What Can We Do About Terrorism?

The Reality of Terrorism

Weapons of Mass/Limited Destruction:

Scientists’ and Engineers’ Pledge To Renounce Weapons of Mass Destruction

The International Law Framework for Nuclear Weapons Policy

International Law & Nuclear Weapons

The Myth of Nuclear Deterrence

Los Alamos Study Group

Welcome to the Nuclear Disarmament Partnership

Nuclear Age Peace Foundation

Citizen Inspection Sites In The United States

US weapons of mass destruction

Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction: U.S. Policy and Practice in the Late 1990’s

Weapons Of Mass Destruction

America’s Defense Monitor

Center for Defense Information

Alert! US tests weapons of mass destruction

Israeli Weapons of Mass Destruction: a Threat to Peace

Iran Denies US Allegation on Weapons of Mass Destruction

Bush’s “Weapons Of Mass Destruction” Hoax: Big Lie Masks Real Motive For Iraq War

Part 1: Answering Bush’s War Propaganda

Iraq Rejects US Accusations on Weapons of Mass Destruction: Iraqi Vice President Taha Yassin Ramadan on Wednesday strongly rejected the accusations made by U.S. President George W. Bush who claimed that Iraq has been seeking weapons of mass destruction.

US, Iraq & Weapons of Mass Destruction

Weapons of Mass Deception – How the Government Scares Us into War

Saudis go nuclear over Pakistan’s ’weapons of mass destruction’

“US has *used* weapons of mass destruction” - Zinn

Weapons of Mass Destruction: U.S. is Dropping World’s Biggest Non-Nuclear bomb in Afghanistan

Weapons of Mass Destruction

America’s Use Of BioChem Weapons Of Mass Destruction: Excerpt from Killing Hope: U.S. Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II by William Blum

30. CUBA - 1959 to 1980s: The unforgivable revolution: Excerpt from Killing Hope: U.S. Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II by William Blum

U.S. Arms Sales Around the World

Arms Makers’ Cozy Relationship with the Government

Arms-Trade Activists

Code of Conduct Arms Transfer Act

Defence export and arms merchants

How to Thwart Merchants of Death

Russia Aims to Be Top Arms Merchant

Arms Trade News

The Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation (formerly Center for Arms Control & Non-Proliferation) will transition out of its Arms Trade Oversight Project, and launch a new project on terrorism starting February 1.

Following is an analysis of the data pertaining to the export of small arms and light weapons to Latin America by the Arms Trade Oversight Project. All numbers are taken from the Section 655 report for fiscal year 2000, unless otherwise noted. The report can be viewed on-line on the web site of the Office of Defense Trade Controls

Conventional Arms Transfers to Developing Nations, 1993 - 2000

Reports – Peddling Arms, Peddling Influence Update – April 1997

The Arms Trade Resource Center

The Office of Defense Trade Controls (DTC), Bureau of Political-Military Affairs, in accordance with §§ 38-40 of the Arms Export Control Act (AECA) (22 U.S.C. 2778-2780) and the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR)(22 C.F.R. Parts 120-130), is charged with controlling the export and temporary import of defense articles and defense services covered by the United States Munitions List (USML). It has among its primary missions (a) taking final action on license applications for defense trade exports and (b) handling matters related to defense trade compliance, enforcement, and reporting.

Waiving Restrictions on U.S. Arms Exports


Arms Sales Monitoring Project

United States Weapons Manufacturers

Arms Sales Monitoring Project External Resources

Fast Facts for the Global Citizen: What you may not know about the arms trade, but should

Arms Transfers

Costly Giveaways

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

The Council for a Livable World, the Center for Arms Control & Non-Proliferation and PeacePAC are among the nation’s preeminent arms control organizations and focus on halting the spread of weapons of mass destruction, opposing a national missile defense system, cutting Pentagon waste and reducing excessive arms exports. The Council and PeacePAC are also political lobbies which endorse political candidates.


Links on Iraq


Information & Press Library: A Pop Quiz on the Middle East

Articles About Israel

Israel: Table of Contents

Israel and the Bomb

Renegade Rattles Israeli Nuke Program

Israeli Weapons of Mass Destruction: a Threat to Peace

Israel Now World’s 10th Biggest Arms Merchant

Israelis Selling Arms To Palestinians?

UN Resolutions Against Israel, 1955-1992

Secretary General of League of Arab States charges: ’Israel has become above the law’

U.S. Won’t Invoke Law Against Israel: Mideast: Despite ’targeted killings’ of Palestinians, statute limiting use of American weapons to self-defense won’t be enforced.

U.S. Won’t Invoke Law Against Israel: Mideast: Despite ’targeted killings’ of Palestinians, statute limiting use of American weapons to self-defense won’t be enforced.
A Jewish Voice for Peace

A Jewish Voice for Peace Resources

A Jewish Voice for Peace Links and Allies
Contrasting Casualties In The Middle East

Israeli Soldiers Who Say No

Rebellion Grows Among Israeli Reserve Officers

Israeli GI Resister — Real Hero

Israeli Refuseniks: Omets Lesarev/Courage to Refuse

This web site also has a discussion forum and a page that describes the (Jewish) religious sources for refusing to combat.

WE the soldiers of Israel…: Statement of Resistance by Israeli Soldiers

Nakba (cataclysm)

Palestinian uprising continues

Palestine in the Context of the U.S. War

Irangate: The Israel Connection excerpted from the book, The Iran Contra Connection: Secret Teams and Covert Operations in the Reagan Era by Johnathan Marshall, Peter Dale Scott, and Jane Hunter

The U.S. has given $14 million a day to Israel for 25 years: War on Terrorism or Illegal Occupation?
Zionism And Its Impact
How Sharon and the Likud Party nurtured the rise of Hamas

To understand bin Laden, begin with Israel’s Likud

The big threat in the Middle East is Israel, not Iraq: it could play the nuclear card to blackmail the Americans

International Criminal Court Takes A Look At Sharon

Mid East Citizen Diplomacy
Coalition of Women for a Just Peace

“9-11”:A Jerusalem Mother’s Statement

The Dominion of Death

South-African Humanitarian Aid For Palestinians Put Off. Even The Jews Have Nothing To Eat
What Americans need to Know - but probably won’t be told - to Understand Palestinian Rage

Water is the Root of Israeli-Palestinian Evil (originally posted at
UN Probes Urgent Palestinian Environmental Issues
Water key to peace, Israel official says

Water War Looms as Israel Tells Lebanon to Halt River Works

Jenin Camp ’Horrific Beyond Belief’

Jenin: ’My mother ran for help. A soldier shot her in the head’

Buckley Blasts Sharon’s ’Scorched Earth’ Response

The Brilliant Offer Israel Never Made: To get peace talks started again means confronting a few myths

USS Liberty and the Lavon Affair:

Congressional Investigation of USS Liberty Attack Petition

The Assault on the USS Liberty Still Covered Up After 26 Years

USS Liberty Memorial

Attack on the USS Liberty

The USS Liberty

The Israeli Attack On The USS Liberty. Mistake, Or Stab In The Back? The Truth About America’s ’Ally.’

USS Liberty Slanders

Why Did Israeli Troops Attack The USS Liberty?: Unfriendly Fire

Personnel Killed On The USS Liberty (AGTR-5) - June 8, 1967

The Truth About Israel’s Attack On An American Ship

The Lavon Affair

The Lavon Affair, David Hirst, Excerpts from his book: The Gun and the Olive Branch, 1977, 1984, Futura Publications

The Lavon Affair & The Rabin Assassination

Lavon Affair (Operation Susannah), 1954

The Lavon Affair

Israel: The Lavon Affair (1954)

Bush, Clinton, and Rockefeller family connections:

A One World Government? (New World Order)

The Brotherhood And The Manipulation Of Society

What Happened To America’s Goldenboy?
Part One

What Happened To America’s Goldenboy?
Part Two

What Happened To America’s Goldenboy?
Part Three

What Happened To America’s Goldenboy?
Part Four

The Activities at Mena: Mena is no myth!

Bush Shields Clinton Scandals

Bush chooses Clinton for East Timor mission

Bush Continues Clinton Agenda

“Rockefeller In The White House?”

The Bush Body Count

Power Scam: The Enron Bush Connection

Club Bohemian: Hidden Video: Inside Bohemian Grove

Citizens for the Impeachment of George W. Bush

The Bush Family History: Contempt for the American People and our Institutions

Bush Watch

The Bilderberg Syndrome, Part One

Neil Bush (And His Family)—I

Articles about Bush

Jeb Bush Was in Enron Partnership

Bush family’s dirty little secret: President’s oil companies funded by Bin Laden family and wealthy Saudis who financed Osama bin Laden

Questionable Ties: Tracking bin Laden’s money flow leads back to Midland, Texas

The Family That Preys Together

Bush Violated Security Laws Four Times, SEC Report Says

Whitewashing the Bush boys

George W. Bush and the Triple Crown Dream

The Bush Family History

Welcome to the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum.


Untangling The Octopus

An Open Letter To President Bush

Vote Fraud And The Bankruptcy Of The United States

Vote Fraud In Florida

GW Bush Went AWOL: Where were you in ’72?: Most of us remember…Bush does not…

Hackers Disable Web Links to Bush Documents

The following is Colonel Eugene Holmes’s September 1992 affidavit concerning Bill Clinton and the draft.

Admiral Boorda’s suspicious death

The Clinton Body-Count

The Death of Vincent Foster: Evidence Of A Cover-up

Ron Brown

Documents Relating To The Death Of Ron Brown

’A Natural Born Leader’: Holmes Discusses New Biography of Ron Brown

Civil Rights Activist Dick Gregory Arrested Protesting Ron Brown Death Cover-up

Articles by Dick Gregory

High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP):

US HAARP Weapon Development Concerns Russian Duma: US Could Dominate The Planet If It Deploys This Weapon In Space

High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP)

Some Frequently Asked Questions about HAARP

NO HAARP Founder dies

Who’s Playing Hell With HAARP?: (The day the caribou walked backwards)

A Monitoring Times (MT) Investigative Report

Welcome to the personal website of Jerry E. Smith, a thirty-year veteran freelance writer, researcher and poet.

Pelted by paint, downed by debris: Missile defenses will put valuable satellites at even greater risk.

International Criminal Court (ICC):

Welcome to the Coalition for the ICC Home Page on the International Criminal Court.

Office of War Crimes Issues

United Nations Website for the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court

Crimes of War Project

Amnesty International

Amnesty International Country page: United States of America

Amnesty International Links

Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Watch: United States of America

More Human Rights on the Internet

Human Rights

“The War on Terrorism” and Human Rights: Aid to Abusers

International Criminal Court: Resist Washington’s Arm-Twisting

The “Unsigning” of the International Criminal Court Treaty

Bill to Protect United States Citizens from War Crimes Tribunals

The United States and the International Criminal Court: A Briefing

Anger at war crimes court deal

US balks at new war-crimes court: A war-crimes court starts Monday, to the chagrin of Washington, which wants US troops exempt.

U.S. in New Fight Against War Crimes Court

U.S.: Waiver Needed for War Crimes Court: Senate Legislation A "New Low for Human Rights"

US war crimes stand alarms Dutch

American War Crimes

Case Concerning The Military And Paramilitary Activities In And Against Nicaragua (Nicaragua V. United States Of America) (Merits): Judgment of 27 June 1986

And The Terrorist State Is....

Teaching Nicaragua a lesson

The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda

The US and the Genocide in Rwanda 1994: Evidence of Inaction

Bystanders to Genocide: Why the United States Let the Rwandan Tragedy Happen

Gulf War crimes?: In his latest exposé, the New Yorker’s Seymour Hersh reports allegations that the military committed a massacre against Iraqi soldiers and whitewashed it.

War Crimes: A Report On United States War Crimes Against Iraq To The Commission Of Inquiry For The International War Crimes Tribunal

Declassified documents point to US war crimes in Iraq

Weapons of Mass Destruction: U.S. is Dropping World’s Biggest Non-Nuclear bomb in Afghanistan

Documenting The Massacre In Mazar,1284,736324,00.html

New film accuses US of war crimes

Afghan war documentary charges US with mass killings of POWs: Showings in Europe spark demands for war crimes probe

More evidence of US war crimes in Afghanistan: Taliban POWs suffocated inside cargo containers

US pilots culpable in friendly fire deaths

War Crimes Law Applies To U.S. Too

Humanitarian Intervention?

International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia

Independent Commission Of Inquiry Hearing To Investigate U.S./NATO War Crimes Against The People Of Yugoslavia

Bayan-Philippines on the US-led NATO bombings of Kosovo

NATO defends record, continues bombings

Serbs as victims

The Hemp Channel protests the bombing - US/NATO Stop Bombing Now

Global Protest NOW!!! - Abolish NATO Immediately!

The victims of NATO’s Humanitarian War

US escalates terror-bombing of Yugoslav cities

CIA director orders probe into alleged cover-up, release of papers

“Collateral Damage” or Unlawful Killings?: Violations of the Laws of War by NATO during Operation Allied Force

Collateral Damage in Seattle

Collateral Damage: At military bases around the world, the United States refuses to clean up its mess

Collateral Damage: How U.S. Troops Were Exposed to DU During the Gulf War (Excerpt)

Truth Seekers International Review

Argentina’s “dirty war” hounding Kissinger

State Department Opens Files On Argentina’s Dirty War: New Documents Describe Key Death Squad Under Former Army Chief Galtieri: First Bush Administration Declassification Praised by Human Rights Monitors

Departamento De Estado Abre Archivos Sobre Guerra Sucia En Argentina: Documentos describen escuadrón de la muerte bajo Leopoldo Galtieri: Primera desclasificación de la administración Bush elogiada por monitores de derechos humanos – Spanish

Argentine Military Believed U.S. Gave Go-Ahead For Dirty War: New State Department documents show conflict between Washington and US Embassy in Buenos Aires over signals to the military dictatorship at height of repression in 1976

America’s Terrorist Roots,,3-344101,00.html

Fog of war leaves America vulnerable

U.S. Senate calls for war crimes trial for Saddam Hussein

Japanese Army’s Atrocities: Nanjing Massacre: 300,000 Chinese People Killed, 20,000 Women Raped …

Japanese War Crimes

War Crimes Tribunal Watch

The War Crimes Resource Guide

International War Crimes

Letters to the Editor:

Opinion/Editorials around the world

Times Record News (TRN): Letters to the editor

Naples Daily News: Letters to the editor Letters to the editor

Detroit Free Press: Letters to the editor

Directions Magazine: Letters to the editor

Jacksonville (North Carolina) Daily News: Letters to the editor

Chicago Tribune: Letters to the editor

Chicago Tribune: Voice of the People

Worcester Telegram & Gazette: Opinion

The Hamilton Spectator: Letters to the editor

Boston Globe: Letters to the editor

O’Reilly & Associates: Letters

FLORIDA TODAY: Letters to the editor

The Miami Herald: Letters to the editor

The Dallas Morning News: Letters to the editor

Potomac News/Manassas Journal Messenger: Letters to the editor

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Letters to the editor

The Press and Dakotan (Yankton, South Dakota): Letters to the editor

Austin American-Statesman: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about letters to the editor

Austin American-Statesman: Letters to the editor

Austin American-Statesman: Sports letters to the editor

WorldNetDaily: Letters to the editor

The News-Gazette: Letters to the editor

The Nation: Letters to the editor Letters to the editor

The Cincinnati Enquirer: Letters to the editor,1413,200%257E24636%257E,00.html

Los Angeles Daily News Feedback

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville campus, Letters to the editor,1406,KNS_361,00.html

Knoxville News-Sentinel: Opinion

The Nashville Tennessean: Opinion

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Letters to the editor

USA TODAY: Opinion

The New York Times: Opinion

Lexington Herald-Leader: Letters to the editor

The Washington Post: Opinion,6957,180522,00.html

The Guardian Unlimited: Letters to the editor

The New Zealand Herald: Letters to the editor,5746,ausletters1%5E%5ETEXT,00.html#

The Australian: Letters to the editor

Anchorage Daily News: Letters to the editor

Vancouver Sun: Letters to the editor

Media/resource outlets:

The Committee of Concerned Journalists is a consortium of reporters, editors, producers, publishers, owners and academics worried about the future of the profession

Student-Run and Campus Online Newspapers
Web Resources for Newsrooms

Links to Individual Newspapers and Newswires

News Wires

Newspapers by State

YES! A Journal of Positive Futures

Common Dreams

Conscious Rasta Reports

The Final Call

CIA: The World Factbook: United States of America

Center for Cooperative Research

Alternative Resources on the U.S. “War Against Terrorism”
Make Them Accountable

Volunteers For Peace International Workcamps

VFP Links Page

Peace Women is an project of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom

Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom Action for Justice, not War

United for Peace

World Peace Now

Introducing the Endowment Fund for Permanent World Peace

Welcome to the World Citizen Government Web

Welcome to Peoples Awareness Coalition

Universal Kinship Society: Ken Nichols – Founder

Refuse & Resist!

NY Transfer News: all the news that doesn’t fit

NY Transfer News Front Page
UnansweredQuestions.Org: thinking for ourselves

War Without End? . . Not In Our Name

Our Grief Is Not a Cry for War: New York City Demands a Peaceful Response to Attacks

Peaceful Tomorrows

Media Workers Against War

Stop the War Campaign
Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

Military Leaders for the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons

Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space

Muslims Against Terrorism

The Peace Factory Cyberworks
Peace Factory: Stop The War On Women In Afghanistan!

Peace, No War

Peace Pledge Union

Twenty Minutes

AIDS Coalition To Unleash Power (ACT UP) Philadelphia

The Center for World Indigenous Studies (CWIS): Advancing Cooperation and Consent Between Nations

Fourth World Eye is a publication of the Center for World Indigenous Studies

Vietnam Veterans Against the War, Inc. (VVAW)

Vietnam Veterans Against the War Anti-Imperialist

StormWarning (SW) Archives: … there is no glory in murder, no excuse in obedience, and no future in patriotism!

The Sixties Project

Sherman Skolnick’s Report: Founder/Chairman, public-interest group: Citizens’ Committee To Clean Up The Courts

The Institute for Policy Studies: the nation’s oldest multi-issue progressive think tank

The Institute for Policy Studies New Internationalism Project

Center for International Policy

International Action Center homepage

MasterMind Explorer: “Extend Communicators Reach Through New Media and ICT”

The Official Leonardo DiCaprio Web Site

Interamerican Association for Environmental Defense

Latinamerica Press

The African Diaspora — Ali Abunimah’s website

The Electronic Intifada

The Center for Economic and Social Rights (CESR)

Institute for Public Accuracy

Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting

The Alternative Press Center (APC)

Welcome to alternative news and views

Institute for Global Communications (IGC) Internet’s Progressive Gateway

Executive Intelligence Review

Seattle Post-Intelligencer

Yahoo! News World Full Coverage

What Really Happened Post-9/11

What Really Happened Pre-9/11: The history the government hopes you DON’T learn!

If the US Government finds itself with a credibility problem, they only have themselves to blame!

Welcome to ZNet


The Nation

Independent Media Center — News and Resources for the Skeptical Citizen


Michael Moore Home Page


Guardian Unlimited

This special report focuses on the events of September 11 2001

Pakistan News Service

The Times of India Politics

Greenpeace International Homepage — Your Guide to Online Anarchy

9-11: Peace & Justice


Welcome to Protestgraphics

The United Religions Initiative

Revolutionary Worker Online

Center for Defense Information

Center for Security Policy

The Emperor’s New Clothes: Piercing a Fog of Lies

Serendipity Home Page

Global Policy Forum Home Page

Centre for Research on Globalisation

War Resisters League

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Missing evidence from Oklahoma City

Ryder Mystery Expands - Implicates Pentagon in Oklahoma Blast

McVeigh: The Manchurian Candidate: Was Timothy McVeigh an unwitting mind-controlled patsy?

Oklahoma City and Timothy McVeigh

Oy McVeigh: An all-American execution

CNN - Oklahoma City tragedy

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Sacrifice At Pearl Harbor BBC Video
National Geographic’s Pearl Harbor: Legacy of Attack Narrated by Tom Brokaw

The McCollum Memo: The Smoking Gun of Pearl Harbor
Day of Deceit: The Truth about FDR and Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbour: History Whitewashed?

Pentagon Still Scapegoats Pearl Harbor Fall Guys

Pearl Harbor:A Look Back, A Look Forward

Pearl Harbor Revisited

The Pearl Harbor Attack Hearings

Pearl Harbor: Mother Of All Conspiracies

Pearl Harbor

December 7, 1941: A Setup from the Beginning

Pearl Harbor: Official Lies in an American War Tragedy?

V. The So-Called Warnings To Short And Kimmel

Pearl Harbor After a Quarter of a Century

FDR and the "infamy" behind Pearl Harbor

FREE HAWAII and Puerto Rico:

Free Hawaii: To: All Governments Honoring International Public Law & to the United States Congress & Department of State

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Free Hawaii

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The Office of Communications of the reinstated Hawaiian Government

Legal Foundation For Hawaiian Independence: Law Library, Historical Documents, and Research Material

Hawaii is not legally a state!

Cerro Maravilla Archive

Free Puerto Rico: All Out To The U.N.

On the 100th anniversary of the U.S. invasion, Puerto Rico still deserves independence

Free Association and Puerto Rico’s Political Status Debate

What does Puerto Rico’s independence mean?

Philip Agee, Ralph McGehee, and John Stockwell (former CIA):

Producing the Proper Crisis: A Talk by Philip Agee

Tracking Covert Actions into the Future - From CovertAction Quarterly Issue No. 42, Fall, 1992

The Pot Calling the Kettle Black: The USA and International Terrorism (Originally posted at

Philip Agee, former CIA officer

Philip Agee, former CIA officer

Philip Agee: The Playboy Interview

Philip Agee Interview

Ralph McGehee, The CIA and Deadly Deceits

Deadly Deceits: My 25 years in the CIA

The Secret Wars of the CIA: Excerpts from a talk by John Stockwell

The CIA and the Gulf War by John Stockwell: A speech delivered on 1991-02-20 at the Louden Nelson Community Center, Santa Cruz, California.


US may grant FBI more powers to monitor religious groups

FBI’s New Generation of COINTELPRO

Today’s COINTELPRO in Rap

The Covert War Against Rock by Alex Constantine’s_Secret_Police.html

America’s Secret Police: FBI COINTELPRO in the 1990s

High Times - COINTELPRO Against Earth First

COINTELPRO, FBI Counterintelligence, Covert Operations, Black Bag

Jobs, Church Committee

COINTELPRO: The Naked Truth: FBI Domestic Intelligence Activities

COINTELPRO: A History to Learn From

COINTELPRO: The Untold American Story

COINTELPRO: The Sabotage Of Legitimate Dissent


The Black Panther Party and its Annihilation by COINTELPRO

FBI/CIA/NSA and other intelligence agencies:

The National Security Archives

FBI and CIA Documents

Federal Bureau of Intimidation

Federal Bureau of Investigation

FBI FOIA (Freedom of Information Act)

The FBI …Past, Present & Future

Tainting Evidence

Courts Let FBI Run Amok

FBI Calling the Kettle Black

Things the FBI would rather not admit

The FBI Files: Celebrities

MIA: History: USA: The Black Panther Party

Black Panther Party

On the Relevance of Fred Hampton and the Black Panther Party

US Considers Summary Execution Assassination Squads: Pentagon Said To Be Discussing Use Of Units To Work Abroad,7369,773574,00.html

US considers assassination squads: Pentagon said to be discussing use of units to work abroad

CIA Study of Assassination

Assassination: Does It Work? Should America Try?

U.S. Government Assassination Plots

Assassinations and Political “Hits”

Politically Motivated Murder

Paul Wilcher - The Deadly Pursuit Of The Truth

Coincidence Or The Kiss Of Death?

Audio Tapes (for sale)

The Tupac Shakur Page: Books

Malcolm X’s Life And Death

A Tribute To Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King - The Fatal Shot Came From A Different Direction

The Assassinations Of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. & Malcolm X (Part 1 of 4)

The Assassinations Of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. & Malcolm X (Part 2 of 4)

The Assassinations Of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. & Malcolm X (Part 3 of 4)

The Assassinations Of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. & Malcolm X (Part 4 of 4)\

Articles About The CIA

The CIA: America’sPremier InternationalTerroristOrganization

Public Relationships: Hill & Knowlton, Robert Gray, and the CIA

When Did They Ever Stop?: Unleashing the CIA

Mario’s Cyberspace Station: The Global Intelligence News Portal

U.S. Intelligence Policy Documentation Project

Human Intelligence and Covert Action on the Web

US Domestic Covert Operations

CIA & Reggae Part 1

CIA & Reggae Part 2

CIA & Reggae Part 3

CIA & Reggae Part 4

CIA & Reggae Part 5

Colby devoted life to espionage

Colby’s body found in river: Wife identifies the ex-CIA chief

Watchdog groups release figures on journalists’ deaths in 1999

CIA Confesses to Kennedy Assassination

The Kennedy Assassination

The Academic JFK Assassination Web Site: Understanding the assassination with principles of evidence, critical thinking, and physical science

The Death Of John Kennedy

The Death Of John Kennedy: Convenient Deaths

Chronology of U.S. Terrorism and Genocide of the Central American, South American and Caribbean Peoples

National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 4: CIA and Assassinations: The Guatemala 1954 Documents

CIA and Guatemala

War’s Legacy: Many in Guatemala Still Fear Army

Central Intelligence Agency

CIA FOIA Electronic Reading Room

Key Events in CIA’s History

CIA: History

About the CIA

CIA Vision, Mission, and Values

We Are Often Asked . . . (Frequently Asked Questions about the CIA)

Factbook on Intelligence

A Timeline of CIA Atrocities

To: People of the World - Petition To Abolish The United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

Inside The Shadow CIA

Propaganda In The Next War: Originally published in 1938: Foreword To The Second Edition 2001

Cover of Propaganda In The Next War formed part of a series of eight volumes entitled The Next War, which were first published in England in 1938.

The Lavon Affair, Is History Repeating Itself?

From Body of Secrets: Anatomy of the Ultra-Secret National Security Agency by James Bamford (Doubleday 2001, page 82) and following: scanned and edited by NY Transfer News.

Pentagon Proposed Pretexts for Cuba Invasion in 1962 (Operation NORTHWOODS)

Friendly Fire: Book: U.S. Military Drafted Plans to Terrorize U.S. Cities to Provoke War With Cuba

When U.S. Joint Chiefs Planned Terror Attacks on America


The Greatest Vendetta on Earth: Why would the head of Ringling Bros.-Barnum & Bailey hire a former top CIA honcho to torment a hapless freelance writer for eight years?

The United States Strategic Bombing Survey

Crime of all Crimes

Additional Eisenhower/Nixon/Bush/Shah of Iran/Department of Defense/Dulles/Helms/CIA murders of public figures and celebrities

The Olson File: A secret that could destroy the CIA

The CIA at war with Islam - Part I

Did CIA Plot to Kill Saddam?

FBI Probed Alleged CIA Plot to Kill Saddam

Central Intelligence Agency Inspector General Report of Investigation

C.I.A. Taught, Then Dropped, Mental Torture in Latin America

Excerpts from the CIA Torture Manual: As reprinted in Harper’s Magazine, April 1997 issue

from the book The CIAs Greatest Hits

Shadow Warrior: The CIA Hero of a Hundred Unknown Battles - Felix Rodriguez

The Che Guevara Information Archive

The Death of Che Guevara: Declassified

Salvador Allende’s Leftist Regime, 1970-1973 — Chilean Intelligence Agencies

Mob offered to kill Castro for free

Inside the Department of Dirty Tricks - 79.08

Cocaine Importing Agency

Forty-five Years of CIA Drug Trafficking

Evidence Of 50 Years Of CIA Drug Trafficking Into The United States—And Other Crimes Against America

Up Against the Beast: High-level Drug Running: An imprisoned former US Green Beret is suing the CIA, George Bush and others, to draw attention to their complicity in government-sanctioned drug-trafficking operations and cover-ups.

The Iran/Contra Affair

Lebanon - Irangate hero spearheads ’Battle of Honor’ in Football elections


Honored and Betrayed: Irangate, Covert Affairs, and the Secret War in Laos

Clinton, Christopher and Rafsanjani: Irangate Deja Vu?

The Secret CIA History of the Iran Coup, 1953

Just like that: How the Mossadegh government was overthrown

CIA now plays the peacemaker

Bay of Pigs Invasion

Protest.Net: [AFIB] The CIA, The KLA & International Narco-Trafficking

CIA in the 1950’s generally

The United States and the Overthrow of Sukarno, 1965-1967

The American Holocaust

America: Rogue State

American Genocide of the Laotian People, 1965-1973

American Genocide of the Vietnamese People, 1945-1974

American Genocide of the Cambodian People, 1969-1973

Sentenaryo/Centennial: The Philippine Revolution and Philippine-American War

The United States Government is the World’s Greatest Terrorist Organization

American State Terrorism

Chronology of American State Terrorism

Covert Activities and the CIA

The National Security Agency

About NSA

NSA Freedom Of Information Act/Privacy Act Home Page

Spy agency destroys data, angering others in probe,1282,13215,00.html

NSA Frees Secret Crypto Schemes

NSA Glossary of Terms Used in Security and Intrusion Detection

Hiding the NSA: Did they do a good job?

New NIST/NSA Revelations

Subject: The NSA Security Handbook

Book Review: Defrauding America: Encyclopedia of Secret Operations by the CIA, DEA and Other Covert Agencies

Defrauding America

Defrauding America: Encyclopedia of Secret Operations by the CIA, DEA, and Other Covert Agencies

Third Edition (book)

Drugging America: A Trojan Horse (book)

Unfriendly Skies: History of Air Tragedies and Corruption That Made Them Possible (book)

The Secret State

the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF)

the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) Freedom of Information Act

“A Rough, Tough, Dirty Business”

Spooks, Spies, and other Evil Creatures

Chronology Of Murders, Suspicious Deaths, Apparent Suicides, Disappearances, And Attempted Murders

The 9-11 bombings Are Not Acts of War: The 9-11 bombings Are Crimes Against Humanity

Understanding Special Operations And Their Impact on The Vietnam War Era: 1989 Interview with L. Fletcher Prouty Colonel USAF (Retired)

Wag the Dog,1300,583841,00.html

Spoils of war,1300,583869,00.html

The ex-presidents’ club

No Nukes Over Kashmir”

Alice Stewart Interview: A-Bomb Data Wrongly Interpreted: The Survivor

Baby teeth studies reveal childhood radiation exposure

Irish anti-nuclear activists set sail to intercept British ships

Prefectural government scraps plan to use recycled nuclear fuel

The Untold Story: Native American Nuclear Guinea Pigs

US air force involved in radiation experiments on Inuits

Sacred cows in the cross hairs: Part 1 of a series: In every branch of the military, major changes
in the wind

‘Green weapons’ for future battles: They’re just as deadly for people, but friendlier to the environment
Army takes the lead with smart cards

NATO Official Homepage

Covert/Paramilitary Ops Secret Military Projects and Intelligence Resources

International Government Intelligence Agencies

MILNET: Intelligence Agencies by Function

Foreign Military & Intelligence Agencies

World Intelligence and Security Agencies

US Intelligence and Security Agencies

U.S. Military Intelligence

AJAX United States & International Government, Military & Intelligence Agency Access

U.S. Government & Military Intelligence Agencies

Intelligence Online: Global Strategic Information

US Army Intelligence and Security Command Home Page: INSCOM - The Army’s Operational Intelligence Force

Welcome to the Defence Intelligence Agency

Department of Defense FOIA Program

The Website for Defense Industries - Army

Covert/Paramilitary Ops Secret Military Projects and Intelligence Resources

Government Operations

The United States Government is the World’s Greatest Terrorist Organization

"But, You Don’t Understand, My Case Is Different!": Advice and Experience for Whistleblowers Looking for Help

Sherman Skolnick Interview — Sept. 2, 1994

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA):

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

Hiding Past And Present Presidencies: The Problems With Bush’s Executive Order Burying Presidential Records

Project Censored

Freedom of Information Acts: Sunshine Laws

Freedom of Information Act of 1966 and Amendments (as of Jan. 2, 1991)

FOIA - Freedom Of Information Act Handbook

A Citizen’s Guide on Using the Freedom of Information Act and the Privacy Act of 1974

The Freedom of Information Act: Electronic FOIA Amendments of 1996

Media/mind control:

Articles About Lies, Concealments, And Deceptions

Project Censored

Media Whores Online

The Oil-Soaked Monopoly Press

Media Control and Censorship

In the War on Terrorism, a Battle to Shape Public Opinion

Americans Target Of Largest Media Brainwashing Campaign In History

Hollywood Busy Churning Out War Movies

Tom Cruise in CIA talks

Chapter 9: Control of the Media

Government Control

CIA: The Use Of Journalists

Mockingbird: The Subversion Of The Free Press By The CIA

The CIA and the Media

Spooky News: A Report on CIA Infiltration and Manipulation of the Mass Media

Robert Lederers “Apology” to the CIA Controlled Media

Pipe Dreams: the CIA, Drugs, and the Media

Media omissions, army lies


Stop Fluoridation Now! Petition

Freedom from Flouride in Nalgonda (India) Petition

Stop Drinking Water Fluoridation Now!

National Pure Water Association Campaign for Safe Drinking Water

Fluoride Study Produces Too Many Dead Rats!: US EPA Minimizes 80% Death Rate In Experimental Lab Rats.

Sulfuryl Fluoride (DowAgro). February 15, 2002. Pesticide petition to establish Fluoride and Sulfuryl fluoride tolerances for a large number (40) of raw and processed foods. Federal Register.

Notice of Filing a Pesticide Petition to Establish a Tolerance fora Certain Pesticide Chemical in or on Food

Fluoride Action Network: An International Coalition to End Water Fluoridation
and Alert People to Fluoride’s Health and Environmental Risks

Fluoride Action Network Pesticide Project

Public Water Fluoridation

Former nurse starts petition to ban the city from fluoridating its water

Initiative Drive To Stop Fluoridation Underway

Fear of fluoride: Questions About The Safety Of This Cavity-Fighting Chemical Aren’t Just For Right-Wing Conspiracists Anymore.

Fluoride, Teeth And The Atomic Bomb

The Deepwater Documents: Lawsuit Against the US Bomb Program Over Fluoride Poisoning

*Marking Time — Notable events in UT-Oak Ridge history

The system of fluoridation and mind control endangers your health and your freedom

Mind Control Links

Fluoride Fantasies

Total Control

Poisoning the Well: Neurotoxic Metals, Water Treatment, and Human Behavior

Enron is only a piece of the continuum:

“Enron Accountability”

Articles About The Financial Dimensions

Welcome to the Transnational corporations Observatory

United States of America country profile

USA Companies: Human rights violations and financial crimes (source indicated on the company profile)


The Enron Scandal


The Enron Corporation: Corporate Complicity in Human Rights Violations

Enron: History of Human Rights Abuse in India

Enron - Baxter’s Suicide Was Murder Say Top Cops

Power Scam: The Enron Bush Connection

Jeb Bush Was in Enron Partnership

With help from a friend, Enron fleeces South America

Enron and Al Qaeda’s Shared Link

Enron: “crimes were committed”

Stunning depths of government collaboration with Enron revealed: Institute for Policy Studies uncovers $7 billion in public assistance for Enron’s global operations

Enron Criminal Investigation Is Said to Expand to Bankers

In the United States District Court Southern District Of Texas, the case of the United States Of America against Arthur Andersen, LLP, an indictment.

Report: Enron Designed Fake Trading Floor: Former Employee Claims No Trades Transpired

Enron Exploding - May Connect to Money Laundering: Bigger Bush Administration Conflicts Of Interest Loom After Ashcroft Recuses From Enron Investigation

And You Thought The Government Was Really Doing Something About Enron!: Damage Control By Dyncorp - Harm Assisted At Harvard,3604,609288,00.html

Crash of the cult: Enron tolls the bell for deregulation

Blind Faith: How Deregulation and Enron’s Influence Over Government Looted Billions from Americans: Sen. Gramm, White House Must Be Investigated for Role in Enron’s Fraud of Consumers and Shareholders

Letter to Vice President Cheney concerning Enron

Letter to Vice President Cheney concerning Enron — January 25, 2002

Oil, gas, water, fishing, mining, and so on:

Welcome to Project Underground: Supporting the human rights of communities resisting mining and oil exploitation
The Sustainable Energy and Economy Network (SEEN)

Water page

Water Wars: Privatization, Pollution,and Profit by Vandana Shiva

Water wars and peace

Africa’s potential water wars

The Infinite War And Its Roots

Park Service Approves Oil Drilling in Florida Preserve

Protecting Florida From Drilling

Governor Bush Joins President At White House To Take Historic Action Protecting Florida From Drilling ~~Agreements protect Florida’s beaches and the Everglades ~~

U.S. covets Africa’s black gold

Stable Oil Prices Likely to Become a War Casualty, Experts Say

Caspian Sea dispute pits Russia, Iran, U.S. against each other

No Way Out

Seeking Understanding About 9-11

Column: Is The Empire About Oil? — A Response to the Naysayers

Peak Oil: A Turning Point for Mankind: Presentation at the Technical University of Clausthal

The Forging of ’Pipelineistan’: Oil, Gas Pipelines High Priority for U.S. in Central Asian Military Campaigns

America’s War on Terrorism is about oil!

Testimony By John J. Maresca — Vice President, International Relations Unocal Corporation

To House Committee On International Relations Subcommittee On Asia And The Pacific

President’s Statement on Caspian Pipeline Consortium

Full Text Of Uzbek-US Memorandum On Cooperation

US energy interests in Africa past and present

Pipeline Plans Allegedly Motivating Afghanistan War

Statement of Congresswoman Waters on the California Energy Crisis House Financial Services Committee June 20, 2001


Peace in Afghanistan could open door for regional gas pipelines

Department of Energy Energy Information Administration: Afghanistan

Terrorist Attacks Redraw the Global Map: The New World Order

Update - UNOCAL still pushing Afghanistan pipelines

Global Economy: The oil behind Bush and Son’s campaigns

Russian Paper: Deal Worked Out For Post-War Afghanistan: The God of Fossil Fuels

TV says USA, Russia playing geostrategic game in Afghanistan, Central Asia

Missing The Oil Story

The New Great Game: Oil Politics in Central Asia

America, oil and Afghanistan

Is Oil the Real Target in Afghanistan?

Is an Oil Pipeline Behind the War in Afghanistan?

Green Party USA Condemns The Bombing Of Afghanistan

Oil, Afghanistan and America’s pipe dream

Swiss Investigation Into Bush/Cheney Involvement In Oil Company Bribes To Kazakhstan

What Was Mobil Up To In Kazakhstan?

Uzbeks to open bridge for aid flow,1361,579401,00.html

Route to riches: Afghanistan has huge strategic importance for the west as a corridor to the untapped fuel reserves in central Asia

Oil rush

This War Is A Fraud

Afghanistan: the pipeline war?

Paper says US fighting for Caspian oil


Black Hawk Down — Slick Propaganda for the U.S. War Machine

Somalis cheer Black Hawk Down

Black Hawk — and Truth — Down: Review of Black Hawk Down

Black Hawk Down… Exposed!: This is NOT a protest against the movie. This is an action to get the truth out!

Black Hawk Down: Hollywood drags bloody corpse of truth across movie screens

Target Somalia: A Hidden U.S. Agenda?

The Long and Hidden History of the U.S in Somalia

Vietnam (Viet Nam):

Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence - speech by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on 4 April 1967

East Meets West

Vietnam Veterans Against the War, Inc. (VVAW)

Vietnam Veterans Against the War Anti-Imperialist

Vietnam Veterans Against the War Anti-Imperialist: We are all OUTLAWS in the eyes of AmeriKKKa

Veterans For Peace: Veterans Working Together for Peace & Justice Through Non-violence.Wage Peace!

The AFSC National Youth and Militarism Program

American Genocide of the Laotian People, 1965-1973

American Genocide of the Vietnamese People, 1945-1974

American Genocide of the Cambodian People, 1969-1973

Understanding Special Operations And Their Impact on The Vietnam War Era: 1989 Interview with L. Fletcher Prouty Colonel USAF (Retired)

Cover Story: It was right for Australia to be in Vietnam

Links Of Interest

CIA and Operation Phoenix in Vietnam

History of the U.S. War in Vietnam

A Veteran Speaks—Against the War: Bob Muller, Vietnam Veterans Against the War: Presented at a meeting of the Student Assembly of Columbia University Student Assembly, July 23, 1971.

Vietnam Veterans Against the War Statement by John Kerry to the Senate Committee of Foreign Relations

April 23, 1971

How Do You Ask A Man To Be The Last Man To Die For A Mistake: From John Kerry’s statement before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, April 22, 1971.

Vietnam Veterans Against the War Statement by John Kerry to the Senate Committee of Foreign Relations: April 23, 1971

“Peace with Honor”,%20August%2019,%201999.html

UW prof writes first history of antiwar Vietnam veterans

Jack Day’s Worlds: A Veteran’s Experience: Dewey Canyon III: Vietnam Veterans Against the War

Operation Dewey Canyon III: Sunday April 18thto Friday April 23rd1971

Memorial Service: Conducted April 19, 1971 Outside the locked gates of Arlington Cemetery as part of Dewey Canyon III, the week of protests by Vietnam Veterans Against the War
Jackson H. Day, Chaplain, 4th Infantry Division
Dak To, Pleiku, An Khe: 1968 - 1969

Dewey Canyon III

Vietnam Veterans Against The War And The Winter Soldier Investigation (1971)

The Peace Movement during the Vietnam War

Echoes of Combat: Trauma, Memory, and the Vietnam War by Fred Turner

Echoes of Combat


Links on Colombia

The continuum of 11 September 2001 and beyond:

Petition to the Senate to Investigate Oddities Involving 9/11 Terrorist Attacks

“War Profiteering”

Download “The Seeds of Terrorism,” an excerpt from the talk “We Are All Intimately Related” by Wulf Zendik in 1985

Endowment Fund for Permanent World Peace — Bringing an End to the Horror of War and Terrorism

After the Attacks… The Spiritual Challenge

Understanding Islam

The Anger Trap

The Wounding of the World: There is a spiritual reason for the terrorist attack on the U.S. We must find out what that reason is


Commonway “9-11” Index of Articles

Starhawk’s Home Page
Only Poetry Can Address Grief: Moving Forward after 911

James & Grace Lee Boggs Center To Nurture Community Leadership

Boggs Center Conversations: For Your Consideration: World Trade Center Bombing 911

Immanuel Wallerstein Commentaries

Literature Available from BCNCL

Stop The War!: The Burlington Anti-War Coalition

War Times

Can Democracy Survive An Endless War?

The War On What?

The Infinite War And Its Roots

Data of all Pakistanis being fed into FBI computers

fighting for the truth . . . exposing the corrupt

Articles About Acts Of Terror

The US War Drive,11916,713897,00.html

Unseen Wars

The War On Waste: Defense Department Cannot Account For 25% Of Funds — $2.3 Trillion

Department Of Defense: Progress in Financial Management Reform: Statement of Jeffrey C. Steinhoff, Acting Assistant Comptroller General, Accounting and Information Management Division

Testimony Before the Subcommittee on Government Management, Information and Technology, Committee on Government Reform, House of Representatives, United States General Accounting Office (GAO)

The War Crisis: Articles, Reports, Analysis and Media Coverage

Beyond 9-11

Twenty Things We’ve Learned Nearly A Year After 911

Asking for trouble: Limited First Amendment spares no one

An alternative way to commemorate 9/11: Take Time To Ponder Consequences Of Ignorance, Fear, Anger

Trivialization of tragedy: 9/11 anniversary likely to be exercise in excess

us terrorist attacks: black valentines

9/11 Dust Sickens New York Firefighters, Residents

Mini-dust raises maxi-questions after September 11

Fallout: The Hidden Environmental Consequences of 9/11

Dumping Potentially Hazardous World Trade Center Steel Debris is Danger to People and Environment

Trading in Disaster: World Trade Center Scrap Lands in India

Potential Contaminants in World Trade Center Debris

The September 11th Sourcebooks: National Security Archive Online Readers on Terrorism, Intelligence and the Next War

War On Terrorism

Intro: The Complete 9/11 Timeline

“The War on Terrorism” and Human Rights: Aid to Abusers

In the Wake of September 11, 2001: Justice and Human Rights

Many Post-September 11 Detainees Still Deprived Of Basic Human Rights, Amnesty International Report Finds: Attorney Access, Ability to Challenge Detention, Overuse of Solitary Confinement, Heavy Shackling, Housing with Criminal Detainees Among Points of Concern

Judge: U.S. must release names of most 9/11 detainees

Judge orders U.S. to release names of terror detainees

9/11 One Year Later: The Thoughts of an NYC Paramedic

One Year Later: 9/11 Families Seek Peace

“Our grief is not a cry for war,” nor for concentration camps and torture of prisoners,1320,555463,00.html

Blair has made Britain a target: The prime minister’s belligerence is dangerously irresponsible. We want an end to terrorism, not a new war

A Widow’s Plea for Non-Violence

Relative’s Warning Against Retaliation

Relative’s warning against retaliation

Parents of Flight 93 victim call for peace: They fear U.S. will retaliate in kind

Not in Our Son’s Name

Grieving Voice Pleads for Peace

“Not in Our Names”: Relatives of Terror Attack Victims Speak Out
Family members of 9/11 victims to lead DC — NYC peace walk: Our Grief Is Not A Cry For War,1413,36%257E8384%257E337904,00.html
9/11 victims’ kin seek healing in Afghan trip
Press conference featuring 9/11 victims’ family members ignored by media
September 11 Families Join International Victims Of Terrorism And War In Speaking Tour – “No More Victims” Panel To Promote Public Dialogue On Alternatives

Grieving Families Walk For Peace
The Fear Factor to Promote War and Trample the Truth

Statement of Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney on Terrorist Warnings
All Along the Watchtower: Let It Happen On Purpose (LIHOP)

All Along the Watchtower

All Along The Watchtower: 911 Lawsuit Say’s They Let It Happen On Purpose

Security Bill Bars Blowing Whistle

Security bill bars blowing whistle

A primer on understanding conspiracies [Recovered with the Internet Archive: Wayback Machine]

“Homeland Security: America’s Leadership Challenge” event sponsored by National Law Enforcement & Security Institute (NLSI), which will announce development of the Homeland Security Command Center in Chicago on September 6, 2002

“Homeland Security: America’s Leadership Challenge” event sponsored by National Law Enforcement & Security Institute (NLSI), which will announce development of the Homeland Security Command Center in Chicago on September 6, 2002 Press Release from August 6, 2002

Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence - speech by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on 4 April 1967

Another World is Possible: Conversations in a Time of Terror/New World Disorder

Gidra Fall 2001

The Nationmakers

“Level With Us”

“Stop Cheney”

Who’s On PFIAB (The President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board)—A Bush Secret…Or Not?

Terrorism and Counter-terrorism

One Year Later

10 Things to Know About Terrorism

America’s Gift to the World: The Culture of Terrorism by Noam Chomsky

What Uncle Sam Really Wants by Noam Chomsky

The American Presidency by Gore Vidal

The Decline and Fall of the American Empire by Gore Vidal

Toppling A Totalitarian Regime In America. What can be done?

What the American Flag Stands For

Text of Letter to California Senators and Representatives concerning the proposed Constitutional Amendment which is intended to protect the US flag from “desecration”

Patriotism and Terrorism

An International Patriotism

Pacifism vs. Patriotism in Women’s Organizations in the 1920s: How Was the Debate Shaped by the Expansion of the American Military?

Peace & Patriotism: Why the old formulas may not work this time: Loyalty doesn’t mean suppression of dissent

A True Patriot Can Pose Hard Questions

A New Patriotism: WWII Vet Speaks

A New Patriotism: Why I Fly the Flag

In a Time of Terror, Protest Is Patriotism

Malcolm’s Legacy, Post 9/11

the Nowar Collective

Robert W. Jensen Home Page

Citizens of the Empire: Thoughts on Patriotism, Dissent, and Hope: Three Speeches By Robert Jensen

It’s Empire Versus Democracy

Mad Dog — Strategy of U.S. Empire

New Crusade: The U.S. War on Terrorism (essay written for the book)

The New Crusade: America’s War on Terrorism (book)

The State of the Union and the New Cold War

Paul Monk’s Writings

Hidden Agendas: The Films and Writings of John Pilger

Deep Ecology

Vietnam Veterans Against the War, Inc. (VVAW) “War Against Terrorism” Commentary

Operation Enduring Freedom means Ensuring the Reign of U.S. Imperialism

A Message to Troops, Would-be Troops, and other Youth: Know anyone in the military, or thinking about signing up soon? Pass this along to them. They may appreciate it, or not… but they deserve a heads up.

A Message to Troops, Would-be Troops and Other Youth,1284,548335,00.html

Afghanistan [Recovered with the Internet Archive: Wayback Machine]

Afghanistan is a “fictive state”: Non-consenting nations are the key to the Region

Civilian Casualties from Afghanistan -Pictorial-

afghan war pictures

Fact Sheets on Afghanistan

Where the Bodies Are

Afghan: U.S. bomb hits wedding party

Afghans protest over wedding party bombing,1284,748300,00.html

No US apology over wedding bombing: Afghans claim 40 killed, 100 hurt, prompting Karzai to confront American officials in Kabul,1284,761535,00.html

Afghan regime split over US bombing raids

US and Afghan mission investigates bombing of wedding party

The Top Five Lies About This War

Produced by the Anti-War Committee of Students in Solidarity at the University of Pittsburgh

The Top Five Lies About This War

10 Things to Know About Terrorism

Are Americans The Victims Of A Hoax?

The White Van: Were Israelis Detained As September 11th Spies?

The White Van: Were Israelis Detained on Sept. 11 Spies?

Israel Now World’s 10th Biggest Arms Merchant

Lebanese Druze leader believes CIA, Mossad responsible for US attacks

Tehran Times: Israel & US responsible for WTC 9/11

Conspiracy theories say Israel did it

Bin Laden denies terror attacks and points finger at Jews

Sharon in 9/11 War Provocation?∓sw=puzzling

5 Israelis detained for `puzzling behavior’ after WTC tragedy

Who Benefits? - The question no one dares to ask!

World Trade Center Bombing

Mossad Link to First WTC Bombing Raises Eyebrows

THERE is an on-going Internet debate and controversy about the number of Jewish casualties in the World Trade Center tragedy. How many Israelis did survive the bombing? We have kept out of this, but the discussion below deserves posting as it summarises different and often untenable positions.

The Utility of Terrorism: An Examination of the WTC Attack

Attack On America: Tuesday 11 September 2001

9/11: A Desperate Provocation By U.S. Capitalism

Does anyone know more about O’Neill

911 Conspiracy

CounterPunch Stories on 9/11 Attacks

Resources on 9/11 and the War on Afghanistan

Perspectives on Sept. 11

Articles To Consider

List Of Articles.

Terrorist attacks should make us question, not react

The Road to Sept. 11

America’s Chaotic Road to War: Bush’s Global Strategy Began to Take Shape in First Frantic Hours After Attack
Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)

Civilian Casualties from Afghanistan -Pictorial-

afghan war pictures
A Dossier on Civilian Victims of United States’ Aerial Bombing of Afghanistan: A Comprehensive Accounting [revised]

Operation Enduring Freedom: Why a Higher Rate of Civilian Bombing Casualties
Questioning the War on Terrorism
War on Terrorism page

My Country Right Or Wrong: Questioning September 11th

Learn The Truth About September 11, 2001 And The Curtailment Of Our Civil Liberties: Brings Together 23 Informative Websites
The Three Top Sins Of The Universe: Tuesday September 11, 2001

Remarks prepared for delivery by Robert S. Mueller III, Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation
Commonwealth Club of California, San Francisco, CA - April 19, 2002

Was the US government alerted to September 11 attack?

How the U.S. Missed a Chance to Get Bin Laden: Thanks, But No Thanks,1361,584444,00.html

CIA agent alleged to have met Bin Laden in July: French report claims terrorist leader stayed in Dubai hospital

Has someone been sitting on the FBI?

‘Donahue’ for Aug. 13: Guests: Michael Moore, Jean Charles Brisard, Kristen Breitweiser: Read the complete transcript to Tuesday’s show

Donahue senses something sinister in Afghan war

Did the CIA Meet with bin Laden and Walk Away?

Bin Laden ’has nuclear weapons’

The Enemy Within - The Illusion Without,,2001320007-2001323297,00.html

Millions of shares sold before disaster

Suppressed Details of Criminal Insider Trading lead directly into the CIA`s Highest Ranks

US CA: Column: Bush’s Faustian Deal With The Taliban

Afghanistan: CIA worked with Pakistan to create Taliban,1300,556279,00.html

Threat of US strikes passed to Taliban weeks before NY attack

US ’planned attack on Taleban’

Lies of the U.S. War Machine

Arab-Americans being targeted as scapegoats

Reporting Hate Crimes - Resources & Information

Amnesty International Campaign Against Torture

Is There a Torturous Road to Justice?

FBI Eyes Torture

Nobel Peace Prize Winning Doctors Group Calls US Afghanistan Aid ’Military Propaganda’

War May be Costing $500M - $1B a Month

9-11 Attack on America

Former UN man warns of Afghan ’catastrophe’: The Afghan war was illegal and could not be justified on the basis of self-defense. “Mr. Powell US Secretary of State has said that the evidence against bin Laden and al-Qaeda would not stand up in court. If it won’t stand up in court, how the hell can it justify bombing?”

How Did United Flight 93 Crash?

Was UAL Flight 93 Shot Down By US Fighter?

Was United Flight 93 Really A Crash? (Or was it shot down?)

Flight 93 Timeline

Heros Stabbed In Back By USAF Luftgansters: United Airlines Flight 93 Shot Down By Bears In The Air

Or, remote-control drone exploded by remote control after brave Americans regained control and Pentagon risked discovery of its explosives planted in the new wing of Pentagon - No such plane as American Airlines Flight 77?

Evidence indicates Flight 93 shot down by U.S. fighter

Investigators locate ’black box’ from Flight 93; widen search area in Somerset crash

The Al-Qa’idah group had nothing to do with the 11 September attacks

9/11: Demand To See The Video Footage

MIT Invents Videos Of People Saying Things They Never Said

The truth about the 9/11 Hijackers - Blow your mind!: EIGHT of the alleged September 11th Hijackers are Alive

Yahoo (Reuters) headline: “U.S. Says It Warned Airlines About Hijacking Threat”

The Enemy Is Inside The Gates

Operation 911: No Suicide Pilots

Commercial jet pilots analysis of the Twin Tower attack

A Pilot Answers 911 Questions JCS General Myers Wouldn’t,1300,553134,00.html

Military failed to act on hijacked airliner alert: Chiefs were told plane was headed for Washington

Officials: Government failed to react to FAA warning

Who Gave The Green Light For 9.11? Part 1

FAA Offers Insight On September 11: Controllers Recall Events Of The Day

NORAD 911 Stand Down Math

NORAD’s Response Times

The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD)

Fighters Were 8 Minutes Away From WTC

Attack Of The Killer Robot Jetplanes!

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)

Final AWACS upgraded to next configuration ninth Joint STARS plane

The Future of Airborne Electronic Warfare

Welcome to the NATO Airborne Early Warning and Control Force E-3A Component Website.

USAF Fact Sheet: E-3 Sentry (AWACS)

Air Combat Command Home Page

Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS)

NATO AWACs Deployed to the United States

Completion of the NATO AWACS Mission in the United States

Some Survivors Say ’Bombs Exploded Inside WTC’

New Seismic Data Refutes Official Explanation: Two unexplained “spikes” in the seismic record from Sept. 11 indicate huge bursts of energy shook the ground beneath the World Trade Center’s twin towers immediately prior to the collapse. Exclusive to American Free Press

WTC: additional detonation

Pacification Of Pentagon

Jackson Stephens ‘Active’ in Venice Florida

World: Africa US ’charged’ bin Laden before bombings

CIA evidence ’clears Libya’ of Lockerbie

Congress Alerted To CIA Involvement In Pan Am 103 And Gander Plane Crashes

Flight 103: The Other Story

Solomon: Orwellian Logic 101
Salon’s bin Laden reader: Recent stories shed some light on the shadowy Saudi exile who’s emerged as the top suspect in Tuesday’s carnage.

The Al-Qa’idah group had nothing to do with the 11 September attacks

Bush signs Bin Laden’s death warrant,4273,4266289,00.html

The algebra of infinite justice: As the US prepares to wage a new kind of war, Arundhati Roy challenges the instinct for vengeance

For America, A Dose of Reality,3604,550358,00.html

A message from the global south

Rigoberta Menchu’s Open Letter to G. W. Bush

Hold the Vision

Land Of The Free?

Terror Attacks of September 11, 2001

They bomb pharmacies, don’t they?

What are the real reasons for the US missile strikes?

Did Bill wag the dog?

where’s osama been hidin’?

Taliban says it wasn’t Bin Laden, Hamas denies involvement

Who Is Osama Bin Laden?

Is bin Laden a terrorist mastermind — or a fall guy?

Clinton Declares His War On Osama Bin Laden: Polls Declare Americans are Willing to Let Him Do It

Cox Report Is a Real Whodunit

Fake Terror - The Road To Dictatorship

On the Bombings

Atrocities may be designed to provoke America into costly military adventure

Terrorist Attacks: Media Judgement Coming Faster Than Facts

Is Rational Discourse Another Casualty of Tuesday’s Attacks?

Tears Down the West Side Highway

An OK City

Somewhere in the Land of Enchantment

Across America Tonight

Death, Downtown

Hypocrisy and talking heads: What the national media is not telling you about these terrorist attacks

Historical Background

The Northern Coalition for Peace & Justice

Arms Trade Newswire

Arms Trade Newswire: Near East Archive

The Council for a Livable World, the Council for a Livable World Education Fund and PeacePAC

09-11-01 World Trade Center Coverage

Bush Retreats From U.S. Role as Peace Broker

“We Acted to Preempt Future Terrorist Acts”,6903,722395,00.html

US plan to strike enemy with Valium: Pentagon scientists aim for future battlefield victories with the aid of tranquillising drugs and GM bugs

Hypocrisy of ’non-lethal’ arms

Questions mount in Kenya, Tanzania bombings

Bombings in Africa Raise Many Questions

More connections between US agents and embassy bombings

Recent US Bombings

The Taking Of America, 1-2-3

Free Dr. Yunis Shaikh: For Freedom of Speech… For Freedom of Conscience… For Freedom From Religious Intolerance… For Dr. Yunis Shaikh and other victims

Act now to prevent more raids


Top Chemtrails Articles In The Media

Chemtrail Central

Chemtrails - Aerial Spraying

Chemtrails Site Index

The Chemtrails Picture Page

Chemtrails - Contrails

Chemtrail Crimes & Cover-Up Documented

Chemtrails Stop ET Contact.. And Thus Stop Our Use Of Free Energy, Etc.

Chemtrails DataPage

Contrails or Chemtrails?

Chemtrail Message Board

Canadian Chemtrails

Chemtrails Over Wisconsin

Contrails (Chemtrails)

Strange Haze: The contrail/chemtrail controversy over the skies of America

ChemTrail Watch

Chemtrails Continue To Sicken Many - International Uproar Brewing

ChemTrails in the Sky of Manitoba

Anthrax/Gulf War Illness/AIDS/other stuff:

American Type Culture Collection (ATCC) is a global nonprofit bioresource center

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Anthrax Vaccine Network, Inc.

Scientists’ deaths are under the microscope

Strange Cluster Of Microbiologists’ Deaths Under The Microscope

The Very Mysterious Deaths Of Five Microbiologists

Dead Disease Experts

A Career In Microbiology Can Be Harmful To Your Health (Revised - updated): Death Toll Mounting As Connections To Dyncorp, Hadron, Promis Software And Disease Research Emerge

Army confirms anthrax production in Utah

Book Sheds Light Upon Sources of Domestic Terrorism: Review of From the Barrel of a Gun: The United States and the War Against Zimbabwe by Gerald Horne

Apartheid’s Poison Legacy: South Africa’s Chemical and Biological Weapons Program

Anthrax Vaccine is it Safe and Effective

Anthrax Vaccine: Cure Or Conspiracy?: An interview with Dr. Leonard Horowitz, Dec. 18, 1997

America’s Use Of BioChem Weapons Of Mass Destruction: Excerpt from Killing Hope: U.S. Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II by William Blum

30. CUBA - 1959 to 1980s: The unforgivable revolution: Excerpt from Killing Hope: U.S. Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II by William Blum

Biological Warfare?: Try The Government Of The United States Of America

Germ Warfare: The Hall of Shame

Germ Warfare: The History

Germ warfare timeline

The Pot Calling The Kettle Black: A History Of Bio-Chemical Weapons

A History of Secret Human Experimentation

From The Same People Who Gave Us The Tuskegee Syphilis Study; Mandatory Vaccinations [Recovered with the Internet Archive: Wayback Machine]

The History of the Development of AIDS, Chapter Excerpt from State Origin: The Evidence of the Laboratory Birth of AIDS by Boyd E. Graves, J.D.

Petition for AIDS Review

AIDS Bioengineering On Trial

Was There an AIDS Contract? [Morrissey]

The Smoking Gun of AIDS: a 1971 Flowchart

1971 E.M. photo of ESP-1 virus identical to HIV

Official: AIDS Not Leveling Off

US AIDS infections stable, trouble looms

The CIA’s Role in the Anthrax Mailings: Could Our Spies be Agents for Military-Industrial Sabotage, Terrorism, and Even Population Control?

Firsthand Report on Sacramento Rally Against Emergency Health Powers Act

Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia

Mycoplasmasimplicated in Neuro-systemic Diseases: CF, Alzheimer’s, MS and Parkinson’s: The Linking Pathogen In Neuro-Systemic Diseases: Chronic Fatigue, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s & Multiple Sclerosis

Gulf War Syndrome and Mycoplasma

Gulf War Vets Hope Errors Not Repeated: Many Say GIs in ’91 Weren’t Told of Risks of Battlefield Toxins

The Presidential Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans’ Illnesses terminated November 1997 and its Web page now resides, unedited, in its final form on the GulfLINK server. For your convenience, the Web address remains the same.

Gulf War Illnesses


Gov’t to Offer Smallpox Vaccine

Enforceable, Mandatory Vaccination Seen Necessary in Event of Smallpox Attack

Bush may order smallpox jabs for all

Biological and Chemical Weapons

US media silent on anthrax cover-up charge

Anthrax preparation indicates home-grown origin

Who sent the anthrax letters and are there more on the way?

Biological Weapons As Disinformation

Elaborations on Anthrax

Anthrax Vaccine Home Page

Web Links

Reason Major Bates Refused the Anthrax Vaccine

The Anthrax Antidote

Anthrax: The Facts You need

Possible Anthrax Vaccine Dangers Information

Gulf War Syndrom & Other Atrocities

Air Force Academy Graduate F-16 Squadron Commander – Forced To Retire – Refused Anthrax Shots – Says So-Called “Vaccine” Unsafe

Gulf War Syndrome: Biological Warfare Conducted on U.S. Military Members, and Corporate Bio-Genocide Levied on the Planetary Population: A Lecture By Captain Joyce Riley in Houston, Texas on January 15, 1996

Gulf War Illness Probe To Advance With New Study

Germ Warfare Against America: Part IVa - The U.S. Government Cover-Up Of The Gulf War Plague

A Homeopathic Perspective on Infectious Disease: Effective Alternatives to Antibiotics

What’s The Alternative To Antibiotics?

The Antibiotic Debacle!

Alternatives to Antibiotics

Antibiotic Resistance Genes

Prescription Drugs 4th Leading Cause of Death in USA!

Vaccine Information Internet Resources

Vaccine Defense Support Organizations

Homeopathic Alternatives to Vaccines

Vaccinations - Friend or Foe?: Dispelling Vaccination Myths: Part I

Vaccinations - Friend or Foe?: Dispelling Vaccination Myths: Part II

Vaccine Information Links

Vaccinations and Their Side Effects

Is There a Time To Be Anti Antibiotics?

Biological Manipulation of Human Populations

Dispelling Vaccination Myths

People Advocating Vaccine Education

WHO and CDC Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing with Experimental Vaccines

How To Legally Avoid Unwanted Immunizations Of All Kinds

How to Legally Avoid School Immunizations

Thinktwice Global Vaccine Institute

Vaccines are NOT Mandatory

United Nations Prequalified Vaccines: WHO list of vaccines for purchase by UN agencies

Pharmaceuticals (OTC, Prescription, Vaccinations)

Pharmaceutical Companies and Vaccine Manufacturers

Pharmaceutical Companies

Pharmaceutical Companies

Drugs, Drug Companies& Pharmaceutical Associations

Agent Orange: The Poisoning of Vietnam

Vietnam Veterans of Florida: Agent Orange

Did The U.S. Drop Nerve Gas?

Why did CNN retract its nerve gas report? A closer look

Poison Warfare (Nerve) Gases; Treatment

Cluster bombs/land mines/radiation and others:

The Case Against Cluster Bombs

International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL)

The U.S. Campaign to Ban Landmines (USCBL)

Physicians Against Land Mines

Land-mines: A deadly inheritance

The legacy of land-mines

Fluoride, Teeth And The Atomic Bomb

The Deepwater Documents: Lawsuit Against the US Bomb Program Over Fluoride Poisoning

*Marking Time – Notable events in UT-Oak Ridge history

Depleted Uranium

Depleted Uranium weapons in 2001-2002: Occupational, public and environmental health issues

An International Appeal to Ban the Use of Depleted Uranium Weapons

Metal of Dishonor: Depleted Uranium Weapons: How the Pentagon Radiates Soldiers and Civilians with DU Weapons
Selections compiled and edited by the Depleted Uranium Education Project

The Health Costs of Low-Level Ionizing Radiation

India and Pakistan — On the Nuclear Threshold

The Secret History ofThe ABM Treaty, 1969-1972

Missile Defense Thirty Years Ago: Déjà Vu All Over Again?

The Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments (ACHRE)

Nuclear History at theNational Security Archive

Nuclear Non-Proliferation, 1945 - 1990

Panel Releases Report on Human Radiation Experiments: The American Institute of Physics Bulletin of Science Policy News

Human Radiation Experiments Associated with the U.S. Department of Energy and Its Predecessors

Toxic Drift: Monsanto and the Drug War in Colombia

Sanctions on Specific Countries

The Basmati Battle And its Implications for Biopiracy and Trips

"Blown Away: Inside the drug war"

Matrix is ParaScope’s area for investigative reports on conspiracies, crimes, cover-ups and disturbing social, political and economic goings-on. You won’t find these stories anywhere but online.

NET’s Stealth Broadcasting Cute “Conservative” TV Network Pursues Extremist Mission

Pat Robertson’s School


Democracy in America

Alexis de Tocqueville

The Edward Said Reader

Edited by Moustafa Bayoumi and Andrew Rubin

Anatomy of Criticism: Four Essays

Northrop Frye

Fallout: The Environmental Consequences of the World Trade Center Collapse
Juan Gonzalez

Water Wars: Privatization, Pollution,and Profit

Vandana Shiva

Echoes of Combat: Trauma, Memory, and the Vietnam War

Fred Turner

The New Soldier

John Kerry and Vietnam Veterans Against the War

Metal of Dishonor: Depleted Uranium Weapons: How the Pentagon Radiates Soldiers and Civilians with DU Weapons
Selections compiled and edited by the Depleted Uranium Education Project

100 Banned Books: Censorship Histories of World Literature

Nicholas Karolides

The Covert War Against Rock: What You Don’t Know About the Deaths of Jim Morrison, Tupac Shakur, Michael Hutchence, Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Phil Ochs, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, John Lennon, The Notorious B.I.G.
Alex Constantine

The Afternoon of March 30: A Contemporary Historical Novel

Nathaniel Blumberg

Propaganda In The Next War formed part of a series of eight volumes entitled The Next War, which were first published in England in 1938.

Captain Sydney Rogerson

Police State America
Edited By Tom Burghardt

You Don’t Have To Fuck People Over To Survive (Second Edition)
Seth Tobocman

War In The Neighborhood
Seth Tobocman

Stupid White Men …and Other Sorry Excuses for the State of the Nation!
Michael Moore

Downsize This! Random Threats from an Unarmed American
Michael Moore

Adventures in a TV Nation

Michael Moore, Kathleen Glynn

Blinded by the Right: The Conscience of an Ex-Conservative
David Brock

Tainting Evidence: Inside the Scandals at the FBI Crime Lab
John F. Kelly, Phillip K. Wearne (Contributor)

Fortunate Son: George W. Bush and the Making of an American President
J. H. Hatfield, Mark Crispin Miller

Forbidden Truth: U.S.-Taliban Secret Oil Diplomacy, Saudi Arabia and the Failed Search for bin Laden
Jean-Charles Brisard, Guillaume Dasquie, Lucy Rounds (Translator), Wayne Madsen

The New Nuclear Danger: George W. Bush’s Military-Industrial Complex
Dr. Helen Caldicott

The Immaculate Deception: The Bush Crime Family Exposed
Russell S. Bowen

America Betrayed: Bush, Bin Laden, the FBI, CIA, & 9/11
Sara Jess (Editor)

Angels Don’t Play This HAARP: Advances in Tesla Technology
Dr. Nick Begich, Jeane Manning

HAARP: The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy (The Mind-Control Conspiracy Series)

Jerry E. Smith

Earth Rising: The Revolution, Toward a Thousand Years of Peace

Dr. Nick Begich, James Roderick, Shelah J. Slade (Illustrator)

Towards a New Alchemy: The Millennium Science

Dr. Nick Begich, Patrick Flanagan (Illustrator)

Pyramid Power: The Millennium Science

Dr. G. Patrick Flanagan, Dr. Nick Begich

Che Guevara Reader: Writings by Ernesto Che Guevara on Guerrilla Strategy, Politics and Revolution
Ernesto Che Guevara, David Deutschmann (Editor)

The Dark Side of Camelot

Seymour M. Hersh

Farewell America: The Plot to Kill JFK
James Hepburn

Murder in Dealey Plaza: What We Know Now that We Didn’t Know Then
James H. Fetzer (Editor)

Assassination Science: Experts Speak Out on the Death of JFK
James H. Fetzer (Editor)

The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives
Zbigniew K. Brzezinski

Incident at Sakhalin: The True Mission of KAL Flight 007

Michel Brun, Robert Bononno (Translator)

A Man Called Intrepid: The Secret War
William Stevenson

The New Crusade: America’s War on Terrorism
Rahul Mahajan

The War on Freedom: How and Why America Was Attacked September 11, 2001

Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed

The Best Democracy Money Can Buy: An Investigative Reporter Exposes the Truth about Globalization, Corporate Cons, and High Finance Fraudsters
Greg Palast

Rethinking Globalization: Teaching for Justice in an Unjust World

Edited by Bill Bigelow and Bob Peterson

Guns, Greed and Globalization: A Guide to the New World Economy

War Resisters League anthology

Another World is Possible: Conversations in a Time of Terror


Unholy Trinity: The Vatican, the Nazis, and the Swiss Banks
Mark Aarons, John Loftus

From the Barrel of a Gun: The United States and the War Against Zimbabwe

Gerald Horne

Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies

Jared Diamond

State Origin: The Evidence of the Laboratory Birth of AIDS

Boyd E. Graves, J.D.

Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism and Toxic Warfare

Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz

The Gun and the Olive Branch, 1977, 1984

David Hirst

The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran Contra Insider

Al Martin

The Iran Contra Connection: Secret Teams and Covert Operations in the Reagan Era

Johnathan Marshall, Peter Dale Scott, and Jane Hunter

Unfriendly Skies (book, e-book)

Rodney Stich, with heavy input from his many sources in the FBI, DEA, Customs, Secret Service, CIA, and other government agents

Defrauding America (book, e-book)

Rodney Stich, with heavy input from his many sources in the FBI, DEA, Customs, Secret Service, CIA, and other government agents

Drugging America (book, e-book)

Rodney Stich, with heavy input from his many sources in the FBI, DEA, Customs, Secret Service, CIA, and other government agents

Terrorism Against America: Trojan Horse Insiders

Rodney Stich, with heavy input from his many sources in the FBI, DEA, Customs, Secret Service, CIA, and other government agents


Rodney Stich, with heavy input from his many sources in the FBI, DEA, Customs, Secret Service, CIA, and other government agents

Legal and Judicial Trojan Horses

Rodney Stich, with heavy input from his many sources in the FBI, DEA, Customs, Secret Service, CIA, and other government agents

Beyond Our Consent

Robert Harris Brevig

The Scourging of Iraq: Sanctions, Law and Natural Justice

Geoff Simons

Iraq Under Siege: The Deadly Impact of Sanctions and War

Anthony Arnove (Editor), Ali Abunimah (Editor)

The Fire This Time: U.S. War Crimes in the Gulf

Ramsey Clark

War Crimes: A Report on United States War Crimes Against Iraq

Ramsey Clark

The Impact of Sanctions on Iraq: The Children Are Dying

Ramsey Clark

Challenge to Genocide: Let Iraq Live

Ramsey Clark

NATO in the Balkans: Voices of Opposition

Ramsey Clark (Editor), International Action Center

The American Presidency

Gore Vidal

The Decline and Fall of the American Empire

Gore Vidal

Noam Chomsky

Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media

Edward S. Herman and Noam Chomsky

Necessary Illusions: Thought Control in Democratic Societies

Noam Chomsky

Media Control: The Spectacular Achievements of Propaganda (The Open Media Pamphlet Series, No 1)

Noam Chomsky

Deterring Democracy

Noam Chomsky

Rogue States: The Rule of Force in World Affairs

Noam Chomsky

Acts of Aggression: Policing “Rogue States”

Noam Chomsky, Ramsey Clark, Edward W. Said

America’s Gift to the World: The Culture of Terrorism

Noam Chomsky

What Uncle Sam Really Wants

Noam Chomsky

Understanding Power: The Indispensable Chomsky
Noam Chomsky, Peter R. Mitchell (Editor), John Schoeffel (Editor)

The Ugly American

William J. Lederer and Eugene Burdick.

Global Showdown: How the New Activists Are Fighting Global Corporate Rule

Maude Barlow and Tony Clarke

The Globalisation of Poverty: Impacts of IMF and World Bank Reforms

Michel Chossudovsky

Inside the Company: CIA Diary

Philip Agee

On the Run

Philip Agee

The Praetorian Guard: The U.S. Role in the New World Order

John Stockwell

In Search of Enemies

John Stockwell

The CIA’s Greatest Hits (The Real Story Series)

Mark Zepezauer, Arthur Naiman (Editor)

Secrets: The CIA’s War at Home

Angus Mackenzie

Killing Hope: U.S. Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II

William Blum

Rogue State: A Guide to the World’s Only Superpower

William Blum

From the Shadows: The Ultimate Insider’s Story of Five Presidents and How They Won the Cold War

Robert M. Gates

CIA Catalog of Clandestine Weapons, Tools, and Gadgets

John Minnery

Roll Down Your Window: Stories of a Forgotten America

Juan Gonzalez

Harvest of Empire: A History of Latinos in America

Juan Gonzalez

Black Indians: A Hidden Heritage

William Loren Katz

A Little Matter of Genocide: Holocaust and Denial in the Americas, 1492 to the Present

Ward Churchill

They Made Us Many Promises: The American Indian Experience, 1524 to the Present
Philip Weeks (Editor)

The American Indian Experience: A Profile, 1524 to the Present
Philip Weeks (Editor)

Farewell, My Nation: The American Indian and the United States, 1820-1890 (The American History Series)
Philip Weeks

Farewell, My Nation: The American Indian and the United States in the Nineteenth Century (American History Series (Arlington Heights, Ill.).)
Philip Weeks

Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your High School History Textbook Got Wrong

James W. Loewen

Lies Across America: What Our Historic Sites Get Wrong

James W. Loewen

American Holocaust: The Conquest of the New World

David E. Stannard

Into the Buzzsaw: Leading Journalists Expose the Myth of a Free Press

Kristina Borjesson (Editor), Gore Vidal (Foreword)

Bias: A CBS Insider Exposes How the Media Distorts the News

Bernard Goldberg

Day of Deceit: The Truth About FDR and Pearl Harbor
Robert B. Stinnett

A World Atlas to Cultures

David Price

Body of Secrets: Anatomy of the Ultra-Secret National Security Agency

James Bamford

Barry & ’the boys’: The CIA, the Mob and America’s Secret History

Daniel Hopsicker

Deadly Deceits

Ralph McGehee


Massacre at Mazar

The Panama Deception

The Death of Ron Brown

The Second Gun

Theodore Charach


The Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald

Life and Debt

Hidden Wars of Desert Storm

Gulf War Syndrome: the Spreading Epidemic Cover-up

Genocide by Sanctions

Let Iraq Live

Tupac Shakur: Thug Angel - The Life of an Outlaw


Wag the Dog

All Power to The People!: The Black Panther Party and Beyond

Lee Lew Lee, producer/director

Public Enemy

Jens Meurer, director

Sacrifice At Pearl Harbor BBC Video

National Geographic’s Pearl Harbor: Legacy of Attack Narrated by Tom Brokaw

Angels Don’t Play This HAARP: Advances in Tesla Technology: The Video

The Color of Fear

Dialogue for an Inclusive Democracy

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Hello everyone, this is Irucka Ajani Embry.

How are yall doing? Personally, I am not mourning about yesterday’s attack. Why? I can not simply just mourn for the deaths in this country of the human being animal, without mourning each and every second of each and every day for every being that is killed, tortured, "disappeared", and so on and so forth, whether it is by me, someone I do not know, a government or another corporate entity, or other individuals or groups. Being is used to represent all life forms in this planet, in this dimension of time and space and all others as well as in all the universes too, this view is not limited. When you do pray, I ask that you pray for all people around the world who have been victims of violence, especially that violence perpetuated by our own government and thus by the people of this country. Below are links that have interesting facts and other types of information that you will not hear on the news for various reasons. In due time, if you are interested in my theories on why our government brought this attack on the citizens of this country, then ask me later on. Some questions that we should ask: What is a terrorist? Why are we so empty in this world? Why are we so hateful and retaliatory and revengeful? Why don’t we have more compassion, love, and understanding and seek to resolve our differences and problems through talking and through restorative justice and community building in a worldwide perspective?

If I am wrong and it was people not put to this task by the US government, then why would they do this? What makes them hate this country so much? That is the question that some of these links answer as well as the thoughts below. That is a question that few in the media will ask because they know all to well what the answer will be. In Europe, CNN shows the world as it is, a war-zone at all times, and we are the main culprits in that, and here, CNN shows a peaceful world with only fighting between Israelis and Palestinians or other points of interest to disinform us of the truth. We will not be liberated until we search for the truth and demand it from our government and full accountability of those that supposedly represent us. Also, Albert Einstein said, "No one is free while others are oppressed". So we are not free in this country or in any other country because others are oppressed elsewhere, but there is also oppression in this country. Why do we only come together over crisis? Where were we when people have been blown up in schools, hospitals, homes, trains on railroads, and so on and so forth around the world, whether it be in Iraq or Yugoslavia or other places in the world? Hate is not the answer. Just remember that the truth is not know yet, the media exclaimed terrorists from the start, and with no factual backing of that. I saw on the news today, I have purposely tried to limit my consumption of news on the radio and the television, that a couple people who had come out of the Towers did not know that it was a “terrorist” attack until they watched TV. They figured that it was just a fire or a plane crashing into the towers. Those are my thoughts for now. Take care. Until then. Peace be unto each of you.

Love each and every one of yall forever and ever, including those not here on this list,

Irucka Ajani Embry

P.S. In a sense I am always in the process of mourning for myself and for others. For anyone that lost a family member or friend or another relation of some sort, I am sorry to hear that and my heart goes out to you and this is not just for yesterday, for all times.

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