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5 September 2001 in the University of Tennessee The Daily Beacon

A friend of mine informed me that our atmosphere was laced with aluminum chloride to make it rain, just so you’ll know in case you were feeling sick lately with cold or influenza-like symptoms and also for our collective knowledge. Now, let me address some mistakes that appeared in my previous column, 22 August 2001.

I dedicate this column to the various individuals that I met in Detroit, whether they are/were living or in transit or in their spiritual selves (the whole entire BCNCL staff, the other participants in the SLI, the white deer, the black squirrels, the wonderful Detroit Summer folks, and so many others). How does one know that one is/is not a "human" being? This was one of the many questions that was posed by the SLI participants, thank-you for asking this question. In transit refers to the journey of a being from the realm of the living to the realm of the spirits, it is this in-between time and space that I refer to. Though I mention realms, I do not mean that the two realms of living/spirit are separate or opposing, but that they are parallel and exist simultaneously.

The Buddha has said, "We learn not from experience but from our capacity to experience." [This quote from the Buddha did not appear completely in the print version of The Daily Beacon, though it did appear in the online version.]

I feel that I should provide information about Detroit Summer and the BCNCL for all of those that have read previous columns, are reading this column, and will read future columns to inform you of the struggles that are taking place in the de-industrialized city of Detroit, Michigan, a former city that was a shining example of capitalism in the United States, now a "wasteland" that is being rebuilt by concerned citizens.

James & Grace Lee Boggs Center To Nurture Community Leadership (BCNCL) "is a non-profit center founded in 1995 by friends and associates of James Boggs (1919-1993) and Grace Boggs (1915) to honor and continue their legacy as movement activists and theoreticians. Our aim is to help grassroots activists develop themselves into visionary leaders and critical thinkers who can devise pro-active strategies for rebuilding and respiriting our cities and rural communities from the ground up, demonstrate the power of ideas in changing ourselves and our reality, demystify leadership. The Center currently sponsors Detroit Summer and the Summer Leadership Institute, both of which seek to help develop a new generation of activists, as well as Artists and Children Creating Community Together and the Power of Ideas Book Club. Board members engage in diverse community building activities: youth leadership development, urban agriculture, environmental justice - and more." (From the BCNCL website at

As part of the packet of reading materials for the Summer Leadership Institute, there was an excerpt from Leadership and the New Science: Discovering Order in a Chaotic World by Margaret J. Wheatley. I recently read the excerpt and had to put it down, the first few words just took over me. And then I picked it up again and read it, trying to soak in all of the energy like a dry sponge. "In a web, the potential impact of local actions bears no relationship to their size. When we choose to act locally, we may be wanting to influence the entire system. But we work where we are, with the system that we know, the one we can get our arms around. From a Newtonian perspective, our efforts seem too small, and we doubt that our actions will make a difference. Or perhaps we hope that our small efforts will contribute incrementally to large-scale change. Step by step, system by system, we aspire to develop enough mass or force to alter the larger system.

"But a quantum view explains the success of small efforts quite differently. Acting locally allows us to be inside the movement and flow of the system, participating in all those complex events occurring simultaneously. We are more likely to be sensitive to the dynamics of this system, and thus more effective. However, changes in small places also affect the global system, not through incrementalism, but because every small system participates in an unbroken wholeness. Activities in one part of the whole create effects that appear in distant places. Because of these unseen connections, there is potential value in working anywhere in the system. We never know how our small activities will affect others through the invisible fabric of our connectedness. I have learned that in this exquisitely connected world, it’s never a question of ’critical mass.’ It’s always about critical connections."

Irucka Ajani Embry can be reached at revolution (at} questionuniverse [dot} com and requests resources on fluorine and chlorine.

The path to revolution is a process

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19 September 2001 in the University of Tennessee The Daily Beacon

Detroit Summer is a "multicultural, intergenerational, youth movement to rebuild, redefine and respirit Detroit from the ground up. Our main objective is to foster youth initiative through community beautification projects, visioning workshops, and intergenerational dialogues." (From the Detroit Summer website at

What is reality? What is imagination? Does one begin where the other one ends or are they parallel and simultaneous? Or are they opposing? Do each of us have the same perception of what is real or imagined? These are some of the questions that I am dealing with in my own essence of being present and not present.

Some thoughts to think about concerning the capacity to experience, found in Creating a World That Works For All by Sharif Abdullah: "What happens if we never developed the capacity to experience love, fulfillment, the sacred? What if our parents never passed on to us the vital information necessary for our survival as whole beings? If a person is suffering spiritual ’dehydration,’ it is not that potentially fulfilling events do not happen in her life; it is that she lacks the capacity to absorb the experiences that do occur. Someone can tell her that she is beautiful or that she is loved, but she will still have no experience of being beautiful or loved. She may command abundant resources but still experience poverty. How do we connect with those who suffer, in the words of Albert Einstein, the ’delusions of separation’? How do we help the starving among us absorb love?"

For anyone that is wondering about what I am presenting in all of these columns, past, present, and future, it’s Revolution in one way or another. In part I am writing about the First American Revolution since what ended in 1776 was not a true "revolution" and thus there has been no Revolution in this country, yet. I am also writing about the worldwide Revolution as a process in the ongoing evolutionary improvement of all beings. This quest requires that many, many questions are asked of myself and of others because each second may bring a different answer from each of us to each one of these questions as we are constantly changing, whether we want to believe it or not.

There may be people out there that believe that revolutionaries are full of hatred and contempt. However, Ernesto "Che" Guevara sees it differently. "Déjeme decirle, a riesgo de parecer ridículo, que el revolucionario verdadero está guiado por grandes sentimientos de amor." The English translation: "Let me say, at the risk of seeming ridiculous, that the true revolutionary is guided by great feelings of love."

Brian Lamb interviewed Felix Rodriguez about his book, Shadow Warrior: The CIA Hero of a Hundred Unknown Battles, on 12 November 1989 on the Booknotes program on C-SPAN (Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network). The transcript of the conversation can be found at Felix described the last day of Che in Bolivia in 1967: "So I continued to talk to him (Ernesto ’Che’ Guevara) back and forth in there until one time he left the room and the school teacher, a girl, a lady, came to me and said, ’Capitano, why are you going to kill him?’ And I said, ’Lady, why are you saying that?’ and she said, ’Well, we have seen you in there photographed with him,’ and she brought a small portable radio and said, ’Here is the radio saying that he has died from combat wounds, already’ -- so at that point I saw there was not much point of continuing to wait. It was after 12:30 noontime, and I went into the

room where he was sitting and I looked at him and said, ’Commander, I am sorry, it is our order from the high Bolivian command.’ He turned white like a piece of paper. I had never seen anybody lose the color of his face like he did, but he did not move a muscle.

He looked me straight and said, ’Felix, it is better this way, I should have never been captured alive.’ … I put it (the pipe Che gave him) away and then I told him, ’Is there anything you want for your family’? So he looked at me, and you could tell very easily that there was a lot of sadness and sarcastic in his voice, when he said, ’Tell Fidel that he will soon see a triumphant revolution in America.’ Then he changed and said, ’And tell my wife to remarry and try to be happy.’ So we shook hands, we embraced, and it was definitely a very emotional moment…"

For those of you that wish to know, Felix Rodriguez was a member of The Company also known as the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) from Cuba.

Irucka Ajani Embry can be reached at revolution (at} questionuniverse [dot} com and would like words of wisdom or other sayings in any language and an English translation. Thanks.

Questions and questions abound

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3 October 2001 in the University of Tennessee The Daily Beacon

Why must feelings of love, compassion, understanding, humility, respect, dignity, patience, visioning, commitment and dedication, justice, equality, peace, and so on for yourself and all others be present in the consciousness of any "individual" that wishes to change for the better anything, especially this country, the United States of America? It is far too easy to hate and kill than it is to love and heal; why is that?

What is religion? What is spirituality? What is "real" food and/or "real" water, especially considering the days that we are living in, polluted and contaminated bodies (physical bodies, minds, and souls/spirits of all beings, including air and water and the physical Earth) and genetically modified/engineered organisms? What is deja vu? What are dreams, visions, nightmares, hallucinations, and the like? Why do they exist and what do they mean? Does one have to be on drugs (all of us are anyways) to think "out of the box," thus differently? What is freedom? Are any of us really free? Albert Einstein said, "No one is free, while others are oppressed." Thus, NONE of us are truly free, since oppression exists in this country and abroad (within the limitations that we pose on ourselves in interpreting existence and non-existence), however oppression may also exist in other dimensions of time and space that we choose not to believe are in existence.

What is the biotelemetry chip? How possible is it for the United States government or any other corporation or government around the world to create an army of "zombies" or has it already been done? The "Stimoceiver" ("is a tiny transponder, implanted in the head of a control subject, which can then be used to modify emotions and control behavior") was "developed in the late 1950s by Dr. Joseph Delgado and funded by the CIA and the Office of Naval Research. According to Delgado, ’One of the possibilities with brain transmitters is to influence people so that they conform with the political system. Autonomic and somatic functions, individual and social behavior, emotional and mental reactions may be invoked, maintained, modified, or inhibited, both in animals and in man, by stimulation of specific cerebral structures. Physical control of many brain functions is a demonstrated fact. It is even possible to follow intentions, the development of thought and visual experiences.’" (From "McVeigh: The Manchurian Candidate: Was Timothy McVeigh an unwitting mind-controlled patsy?" It was from a special preview of David Hoffman’s book, The Oklahoma City Bombing and the Politics of Terror at

I am not including the above information to scare you, but to inform you and thus hopefully one day, we will take back our lives and our environmental (thus political, social, emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, sexual, and so on) responsibility by creating a government by and for all people and that works to uphold the truth that "ALL life is sacred." What is time in a linear and in a circular sense? How do we reclaim our lives from "deadlines" and other manners of control and manipulation of ourselves and others through the scientifically constructed linear time frame? With a circular, "real" sense of time, we would realize that change is constant and that changes take place over years, thus many generations of humans may be working to help bring about a change that we started or worked on in our lifetimes. We must understand that it took some time for our Mother Earth to become imbalanced in this destructive way and thus it will take some time, hundreds or thousands of years, for the process of healing through a worldwide Revolution to bring our Mother Earth and thus us, specifically as "human" beings back into balance as well.

What is consciousness? What is justice and equality? What is illusion? What is a "life", in the sense that people that protest or think differently must not have a "life"? What is peace and how do we achieve it? Why should we work to achieve peace? What is hatred? What is love, compassion, understanding, and so on? What is the "truth"? Each of us have our own truths in life, so is there an eternal or Natural "truth"? A friend of mine and I discussed "truth" and thus I have insights I did not have before. Thank-you.

Does our government or other corporations in this country tell us the complete and whole "truth"? What is matter? What is space? What are dimensions? What are realms? What is a universe?

Irucka Ajani Embry can be reached at revolution (at} questionuniverse [dot} com and wishes to have resources about reincarnation and spirituality.

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