Since the continuum of 11 September 2001 had effects worldwide, then why is it that not everyone in the world agrees with the current “War on Terrorism?” In a sense, a continuation of the other wars that the US has been involved in — against people of color, socialists/communists, agrarian/land reformers, impoverished/poor people, and/or others that would stifle the profits of US corporations or resist US rule. Is it because people are not satisfied with the evidence, or lack of evidence, presented by the current administration and our counterparts in the United Kingdom?

No more war, war will not solve the problems, only make things worse. We need the truth and the whole truth, not a piece of the truth. To truly honor those that died on that day and from the “War on Terrorism,” the whole truth must be known and restorative justice must be the way to go, not retributive justice (vengeance). Ask questions of yourself and of the “official story line”. Think and imagine a better world that works for all of us, not just some of us. Peace, the complete truth, and restorative justice are the answers, not war. “With great freedom comes great responsibility.”

Irucka Ajani Embry can be reached at and is interested in continuing the search for the elusive Truth.